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Bosch Indego Cordless Robotic Lawnmower

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Bosch Indego Cordless Robotic Lawnmower

  • Effortless - Let the Indego do the work while you do other projects
  • Intelligent - Logicut navigation maps your lawn area and calculates an efficient mowing route
  • Efficient - At least 30 % faster than random navigation thanks to the unique Logicut system
  • Integrated alarm system warns of theft
  • Automatic charging

Bosch Indego Cordless Robotic Lawnmower

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The easiest way to create a beautiful lawn

Mows all by itself, so you can enjoy other projects.

Experience the future today. Simply position the docking station and lay the perimeter wire to define the area to be mowed by the Indego. Then activate your Indego - and you're done. From this point on, the Indego does it all by itself - maps the lawn, calculates the mowing path, determines its location, returns to the docking station for charging when needed and then continues to mow. If it comes across an obstacle, such as a branch or discarded toy, the Indego detects it through its bump sensor and simply goes around it.

Quality Time.

Make it yours. The innovative robotic lawnmower Indego from Bosch. Thanks to its 'Logicut' system, the Indego calculates an efficient route and mows it in clean, parallel lines. While the Indego is working, you can attend to other projects. Simply logical - simply efficient.

Spend Quality Time With Your Family.

Just leave it to the Indego from Bosch. It mows your lawn, finds its way all by itself and always delivers the perfect cut. How does it achieve this? It's simple - with 'Logicut'. With this technology, the lawn is mapped, an efficient mowing strategy is calculated and the Indego mows the lawn in clean, parallel lines. Following installation, some simple programming is all that is needed to get it ready to do the work for you. Thanks to its efficiency the Indego uses very little power. It doesn't emit any exhaust fumes making it a good choice for you and the environment. And if it finds a branch in its way - that's not a problem either. The Indego will recognise that it has bumped into an object, reverse and then drive around it. It's actually so autonomous that it can charge its lithium-ion battery pack itself from its charger. It also cares for your lawn as the short grass clippings act as a mulch. It can be used in most weather conditions, handles up to 20° slopes, boasts all-round safety features and is protected from theft by a PIN and alarm system. Let the Indego take care of the lawn so that you can take care of other things.

The Indego Finds its Way all by Itself.

Bosch Cordless Simple Garden

Bosch Cordless Complex Garden

1 The perimeter wire defines the area to be mowed. Once laid around the lawn, you're in business.

2 Line by line precision for lawns measuring up to 1000 m2. Thanks to 'Logicut', the Indego always mows in parallel lines.

3 The Indego keeps the clippings short so all that's left is good mulch which acts as a great fertilizer and no raking is needed.

4 It remembers obstacles and simply goes around them, whether a tree, a bush or a terrace.

5 The Indego uses an automatic charging system which allows it to return to the docking station when the battery is low.

6 Easily handles inclines of up to 20°, making Indego the ideal solution for sloping lawns.

Change Your Lifestyle and Never Mow Again.

Bosch Cordless Features 1

Convenient at Every Level

Simply start! The Indego is ready to go in just three simple steps:

1. Position the docking station.

2. Lay the perimeter wire.

3. Activate the Indego - and o it goes!

Safe at Every Level

Three examples of its safety features:

1. The Indego uses a bump sensor to detect obstacles on the lawn to avoid them.

2. When lifted, its mowing blades stop immediately.

3. The Indego is protected from theft by a PIN code and alarm system.

Bosch Cordless Features 3

Bosch Cordless Features 2

Clever at Every Level

Intelligent and efficient! With its 'Logicut' navigation system, the Indego automatically measures the garden and autonomously calculates an e cient mowing path. Line by line, parallel and efficient.

Practical at Every Level

Rain or shine, the Indego mows. Even on lawns with up to a 20° slope. And as it clips the grass regularly and just a little each time, only good mulch remains and there's nothing to rake.

Bosch Cordless Features 4

Everything Indego stands for at a glance.

More Information
Technical Details

Technical Details

  • Power source/Battery voltage: 32.4 V/3.0 Ah
  • Cells per cluster: 1.5 Ah, 3.6 V, 18 (x 1)
  • Charging function: Auto
  • Width-of-cut: 26 cm
  • Weight: 11.1 kg
  • Coverage per charge: 200 m2 (+/- 20%)
  • Maximum area of operation: 1,000 m2
  • Run time average: 50 min
  • Charge time: 50 min
  • Noise level Measured: 72 dB(A)
  • Guaranteed: 75 dB(A)
  • Memory: 16 MB
  • Supplied with: Indego, docking station, 200 m perimeter wire, 400 fixing pegs, 4 x docking station nails, power supply (unit), isolator key, 4 x measuring rulers, instruction manual
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