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Z-Wave - Keyfobs, Remotes & Wall Controllers

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Z-Wave remote controllers provide you the flexibility of controlling all the devices connected in your home automation system with just the tap of a few buttons. Z-Wave remotes save you having to use your smartphone or tablet to control smart devices such as lighting - they work just like a TV remote, allowing you to quickly turn lights on, off or even dim them. This gives you Z-Wave remote control of devices like switches, dimmers, plugs, blinds, lights and motion sensors.

Other products include Z-Wave remote switch for on/off control, Z-Wave remote button for simple control to more flexible products such as a Z-Wave smart home control pad that allows you to control things with swipes and gestures (just like your laptop trackpad). We even have Z-Wave universal Remote controls that can control Z-Wave and lots of other systems in your home, all from the one handset remote.

A Z-Wave remote can be used as a standalone control or together with your main Z-Wave home automation gateway.

If you’ve got questions about home automation, then you’ve come to the right place. We have hundreds of guides showing how to choose and install products, and we have Europe’s largest selection of Z-Wave products.

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