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Edisio switches provide a simple, elegant and smart solution for remotely controlling Edisio devices installed in your home. These switches provide a configurable on-wall setup to control systems like dimmers, receivers, transmitters, and other home automation devices connected in your network.

Edisio switches can be split into two broad categories:

  • Wall Dimmers and Switches: Edisio wall dimmers and switches provide a unified and customizable interface for connecting and controlling your Edisio smart home devices.These switches can be customized as per you needs, with the flexibility to control up to five channels from a single wireless switch board. The wall plates for switches comes in two different types of materials and a wide array of 11 vibrant colors.

  • In-Line Switches: Edisio In-line switching modules connect right between a Schuko outlet and an appliance, allowing you to control and measure the energy consumption of connected appliances. These in-line switching modules minimize the installation overhead by providing a cohesive solution for controlling the installed Edisio devices with existing mechanical switches in your home.