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Choosing the right smart home hub is one of your most important decisions, so here are some popular choices...

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Fibaro Home Center 3
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Hubitat Elevation Model C-8 Hub (UK version)
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Aeotec SmartThings Hub (V3)
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Homey Pro
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

If you're brand new to home automation we strongly recommend doing some research before buying anything - it'll save you a lot of time & expense in the long run.  Follow the Smart Home Simplified system with our free guides here.

I have Alexa / Google / Homekit - can I use your products?

We class these kinds of products as voice controller enhancements, as you can't implement a proper smart home with them alone.  For that you'll need a dedicated controller, and then you can use these devices as nice accessories to expand the core system.  Check out this free guide for more important info.

Why Z-Wave & Zigbee?

If you're serious about home automation then you need to be using one or both of these technologies - they're the most widely adopted open standard smart home technologies in the world, embedded in 1000's of different products from multiple manufacturers. You can read more about Z-Wave Here, and about Zigbee Here.

Where's the voice controllers & similar smart home products?

We don't sell products like voice controllers. You can get these in lots of other retailers and we can offer no extra value in selling them here. Instead we focus 100% on the next level up in smart homes - somewhere between those simple devices and the very expensive custom installs. You get the best of both worlds with our Z-Wave & Zigbee range. To understand more about why you definitely DON'T just need a voice controller, we have a very important guide here.

What's the best hub?

It's a question we get asked a lot... Buying a smart home controller is like buying a car - its a very personal choice with many variables to consider, so we can't offer a blanket recommendation. We do the next best thing and offer a small handful of the best on the market, then back that up with a comprehensive guide showing pros & cons for each. We strongly recommend you read that free guide here.

How do I check compatibility?

Smart home compatibility can be a minefield and changes often. You can read all about how we approach this along with links to manufacturer compatibility databases which are actively updated here.

What are the main areas I can automated in my home?

We break down the main areas into 6 separate scenarios you could adopt (Lighting, Heating, Security, Energy, Emergency & Comfort). You can read about each in our guides here.

Where are you based & where do you ship to?

We're based in the UK and ship worldwide.  Simply add products to cart to see your shipping options.