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100+ Trustpilot reviews must be right!

On many Vesternet pages you'll see a Trustpilot icon, and a few weeks after you buy from us, you'll get an email asking you to rate your experience.

Trustpilot is a great system. For us, it gives constant feedback and ideas of how to improve our business. For you, it gives unbiased real-customer feedback about Vesternet, enabling you to place orders with total confidence. It's a great reassurance for new and existing customers.

I'm really pleased to see that the total number of reviews has just passed 100, and more than half of those have been submitted in the last six months.

Rather than just say how great I think Vesternet is, I thought I'd look at why I think we get such great reviews.

Great Products

We offer one of the widest range of wireless home automation products available anywhere in the world. And great products from Aeon, Everspring, Fibaro, Insteon, LightwaveRF, MicasaVerde and Vision make it a range people keep coming back for.

Great Knowledge

We actually use the products we sell. So if you need help to understand the best product for your needs, we can help you make the right decision based on real knowledge. We also use this knowledge to create our unique range of resources, application notes & tutorials, videos and compatibility guides.

Great Service

Our aim is to give you fantastic service and that's certainly reflected in the reviews you can see on Trustpilot. Whether we're helping you choose the products, shipping an urgent order, or resolving a problem, our staff do everything they can to provide you with the best possible service.

I'm really proud of the Trustpilot reviews and our overall five-star trust score. We've strived to make Vesternet the ultimate home automation shop and, by constantly improving, I think we're getting there.


Author David Bell

About the Author

David Bell is the founder of Vesternet. As a contributing author on popular smart home topics including Z-Wave & Zigbee, he’s been cited in a multitude of popular websites, forums & articles over the past 10 years and continues to publish regularly on Vesternet.

With over 25 years in business, and 15 years in home automation, he also heads up all of Vesternet’s commercial initiatives throughout various online channels as an expert in sales, marketing & growth strategies.

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