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Choosing the best VERA Controller

We often get asked which version of the VERA controller is better. This is slightly difficult to answer as the two versions, VERA Lite and VERA3, are aimed at different customers.

Firstly, what are the differences between the two? The main difference is that VERA 3 has an integrated Wi-Fi Router and has twice as much memory (128MB) as the VERA Lite (64MB), it also has two USB slots.

So what do these different features mean for their capabilities?

Integrated Router

This is a fairly obvious one. VERA3 includes a Wi-Fi router which includes four Ethernet ports and an ADSL/Broadband port. This means that VERA3 can be used as the main Wi-Fi router if you don't already have one installed or as a secondary router if you wish to extend your home's Wi-Fi coverage. If you don't need any of these then VERA Lite may be the better solution for you.

More Memory - Faster

One of the benefits of VERA3's extra memory is that it will generally operate faster than VERA Lite. This is especially true the more devices you have on your network and if you are running plugins. The extra memory gives more 'head-room' to the system, enabling tasks to run faster.

More Memory - More Devices

Each device you add to the system needs its own memory, so the more devices you have, the more memory used. Typically each Z-Wave device uses around 0.5MB of memory, this means the VERA Lite can run up to 75 devices, whereas the VERA3 can support up to 200 devices. VERA3's extra memory also means you can run more plugins.

Extra USB Slots

The VERA3 has two USB slots, which means you could have a USB stick collecting log data as well as another device such as the RFXtrx433 transceiver. This isn't essential, but does give you more options.


Feature VERA Lite VERA3
Max. Number of Devices 75 200
Plug and Play Internet Connection
Integrated Wi-Fi Router -
GUI / User Interface MIOS UI5 MIOS UI5
Memory (RAM) 64MB 128MB
Memory (RAM) 32MB 32MB
USB Slots 1 2
Ethernet Socket 1 4-port hub
Wi-Fi - 802.11n
Z-Wave With Integrated Antenna With Integrated Antenna
Dimensions (HxWxD) 116 x 95 x 44mm 177 x 130 x 34mm
External Power Supply 12V DC (European Plug) 12V DC (European Plug)
Batteries 4x AA batteries (included) External recharegable battery pack


As you can see, the choice of the 'best' controller depends on your system and how you think it will grow over time.

If you have a Wi-Fi router (most people do) and don't expect to have more than 80 devices on the network, the VERA Lite is the ideal choice.

If you expect your system to grow beyond 75 devices, or you're already running VERA Lite and finding it a bit slow on your system, the VERA3 would be the best version for you.



Author David Bell

About the Author

David Bell is the founder of Vesternet. As a contributing author on popular smart home topics including Z-Wave & Zigbee, he’s been cited in a multitude of popular websites, forums & articles over the past 10 years and continues to publish regularly on Vesternet.

With over 25 years in business, and 15 years in home automation, he also heads up all of Vesternet’s commercial initiatives throughout various online channels as an expert in sales, marketing & growth strategies.

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