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Domitech Dimmable Smart LED Light - now available at Vesternet

At Vesternet, we're glad to announce the availability of the smart, energy-efficient and the pocket-friendly Domitech Smart LED Light bulb on Vesternet.

The smart LED bulb is an intelligent, fully-dimmable and energy-efficient bulb that can be controlled wirelessly from anywhere. It's slightly different from other smartphone controlled LED lights. It can be controlled via your smart device, even after it has been turned off by the normal wall switch. That means you can control your lighting and adjust its brightness, without worrying about whether it has been turned on/off from the wall switch. [Read: How does the Domitech Dimmable LED Bulb work with a wall switch?]

Domitech LED

Installing Domitech ZBulb is also simple. You just have to plug the bulb into the socket and start controlling it at your fingertips. Unlike standard Z-Wave switches or dimmers, the ZBulb can be used even in two-wire electrical systems.

It can also be made a part of a defined home automation scene for automatically adjusting the lighting in your home based on external environmental conditions. So, you can now configure your home lighting to mimic the time of the day. The smart bulb can also memorize the last dim status before shutting off, and retain its original configuration even after it has been accidentally turned off or after a power-cut.

The smart bulb provides comfortable warm white lighting (2700K), and produces 750 lumens light intensity (equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent bulb) using just 9 watts of energy. It's estimated that Domitech's energy-efficient ZBulb could help you save approximately 100£ throughout its average lifespan. That's more than 5x return on investment without compromising on comfort!

Can you get a sweeter deal than this?


Besides being intelligent and energy-efficient, Domitech Smart LED Light bulb is priced attractively, making it one of the hottest picks in the smart lighting segment. We're already receiving an overwhelming response for the bulb, and we recommend placing your order at the earliest might be the best way to avoid "rush hour traffic".

There are two versions available for the bulb- Bayonet and Screw, and you can select the version that fits your socket type while placing your order.

Click here to order your Domitech LED Bulb, now
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