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e-Domotica starter kit

Buying a complete solution

Many people choose to build their home automation set item by item. However, this is not always the right way to do things. It takes much more time to get to where you want, and you have to worry about compatibility if you are buying items from different manufacturers without Z-Wave technology. Last but not least, when you buy your items one by one, you tend to spend more because you often get great discounts when you buy a set.

For a stress-free solution, starter kits in general are a good idea. However, the e-Domotica kit stands above a lot of the kits available for plenty of reasons. For a start, all the products on offer from e-Domotica are high quality, simple to use items.

These are the items you will find in the kit:

Touchscreen e-Centre, which includes the operating software

2 on/off switchesWireless rotating IP surveillance cameraMotion sensorSmoke sensor

The combination of items is ideal

As well as their quality, the combination of products that e-Domotica has put together to form this set, covers every aspect of what a starter would be looking for from home automation hardware. When you are out of your home for an extended period, you tend to worry about the risk of a break in or fire. As you can see from the above equipment, these are two points that are well covered.

With the Wireless rotating IP surveillance camera the user can monitor their perimeter remotely. This device also has an intelligent record feature that allows you to keep a certain length of video if you require it. Alongside the camera, you can link the switches to lamps, which you can program to turn on when it gets dark so people think that you are at home. At the same time, the motion sensor and smoke sensor can let you know if there is any movement or smoke. When a signal is broken the device notifies the e-Centre, which will email or ring you to let you know about the issue. You can then take the appropriate action even if you are thousands of miles away.

As you can see, there are several reasons why you should consider the e-Domotica starter kit if you are thinking about starting your home automation set.

Author David Bell

About the Author

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