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Fibaro Universal Door/Window Sensor - Stock

Today, Fibaro have really out done themselves with the launch of the Z-Wave compatible Door and Window Sensor.

This incredibly versatile little device is actually a 3-in–1 Universal Sensor that can detect movement, temperature and take in put from any binary sensor. Making it ideal for any home automation system.

Reed Sensor

Detects the opening or closing of a window, door, gate or roller blind and sends a message to the Z-Wave network.

Great for automatically turning a light on when you come home or sending an alarm if a window is opened.

Binary Sensor

Enables any external ‘binary sensor’ to be easily added to the Z-Wave network. You can have lots of simple sensors around your home all connected wirelessly to increase your convenience or protect your home.

Temperature Sensor

Control any room’s temperature or as it is accurate to two decimal places, use it to measure temperate using a variety of external sensors.

The Fibaro Universal Door/Window sensor is battery operated, requires no extra wiring and can be fitted anywhere you like. It’s even available in seven different colours so that it matches you homes colour scheme.

All these features and the sensor only costs £40 - about the same as other single-function sensors!


Vesternet is the first to have stock of these great new products. Order the Fibaro Universal Door Window Sensor now with Free Delivery.


See you next week.

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Author David Bell

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