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Guides to VERA PLEG and PLTS Plugins

We've just added a number of guides showing how to use the popular VERA PLEG and PLTS Program Logic Plugins.

Why these Plugins?

The basic scene control in VERA can be a little restrictive and does't allow you to have conditional statements that need 'AND'. Previously the only solution was to use LUA code for these types of scenes.

For instance you may have a simple scene to turn on a light. Next you might want this scene to trigger when there's motion in the house (Motion1) or an exterior door is opened (DoorOpen2). And then you only want the light to turn on if it's dark outside.

For VERA, this is considered 'Advanced' programming, and until recently, the only way to create these types of scene was to use LUA code.

The PLEG and PLTS plugins for VERA enable you to more easily create complex scenes than is possible in the standard VERA scene editor - so you can create almost any scene that you need without resorting to LUA.

That's why we think these are probably two of the most useful plugins you can install on your VERA.


We've created several guides to help you understand what the plugins are, how they help you, and how to use them.

  • VERA Program Logic Plugins

    This applications guide introduces the PLEG and PLTS plugins and shows how to install them on your VERA.

  • Using PLEG to activate lights based on light level

    This guide shows how to use the PLEG plugin to monitor a light sensor's value and control lights based on the ambient light level. This example can be applied to many situations that need 'less than' and 'more than' comparisons - controlling fans, ventilation, heating and lighting based on temperature, humidity, and light level.

  • Introduction to PLEG Basics

    This detailed guide by Rex Becket explains all the in's and out's of PLEG, including several examples of common scenarios where PLEG is invaluable.

  • Introduction to PLTS Basics

    Similar guide explaining all the details of the PLTS plugin.

VERA Plugins

Going forward we will use PLEG and PLTS in many or our guides to show you how to create complex scene control in VERA.


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