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iSmartAlarm at Vesternet


New to Vesternet is the iSmartAlarm range of Wi-Fi security products - offering simple to use, easy to setup home security.

iSmartAlarm is a smart home security system that enables you to intelligently detect motion and intrusion, and manage your home from your smartphone. The range is the latest in a line of simple home automation products that we're introducing to address the needs of people looking for simple solutions or ones that don't require a complete home automation system.

What’s so special about iSmartAlarm products?


The iSmartAlarm devices can be easily added to your existing Wi-Fi network and can even function in standalone mode (iCamera). The sensors and other iSmartAlarm devices can be installed in different corners of your home and conveniently controlled through the CubeOne central controller/hub and your smartphone.


Feedback from sensors and other connected devices can be monitored instantly through the smartphone app for iOS and Android devices. The system can also be configured to intelligently trigger an alarm in case of emergencies.


iSmartAlarm can be customised to suit your personal needs with configurable modes and multi-user control. You can define your own zones, set your own rules, adjust volumes and alter the frequency of notifications.


The iSmartAlarm system is easily expanded - you can add other iSmartAlarm components to the system any time you wish. You can extend your iSmartAlarm network to monitor every part of your home, and control them through a simple, integrated, and easy-to-use interface.

iSmartAlarm products

Here’s a line up of iSmartAlarm products - all available in stock at Vesternet.

iSmartalarm system


The iSmartAlarm iCamera is an intelligent wireless home security camera that provides superior HD recording, on-demand video streaming, real-time motion detection and comes with advanced night vision technology for capturing footage in low visibility.

iSmartAlarm Motion Sensor

The iSmartAlarm Motion Sensor monitors your home for movement, if the alarm is 'armed' then any movement is treated as suspicious and triggers customised events. It can be controlled and monitored easily through the iSmartAlarm app.

iSmartAlarm Contact Sensor:

The iSmartAlarm contact sensor is a wireless sensor that accurately senses the opening and closing of doors and windows, and sends the signals to the iSmartAlarm CubeOne controller/hub. The sensor can be used to trigger customised events, like sounding an alarm or sending an email.

iSmartAlarm Remote Tag

The iSmartAlarm Remote tag gives you simple finger-tip control of the full iSmartAlarm systems.

iSmartAlarm Home Security System

The iSmartAlarm Home Security System is a complete home security package allowing you to quickly start using an iSmartAlarm system. It includes CubeOne controller/hub, two remote tags, two contact sensors and one motion sensor.

First Impressions

The idea for iSmartAlarm is to provide a complete home security system with the minimum of fuss, and no wiring.

And, I have to say it lived up to expectations. In testing we found the devices have a nice 'quality' feel to them and installation was simple and pain-free. Once connected to the Internet, the cloud-based system can be configured to push alerts and provide remote access. A system like iSmartAlarm really needs to be easy to use by everyone in the family, and the smartphone app is perfect for this. The app allows you to customise every aspect of the system, so it does just what you need it to. It also notifies you instantly of any triggers or events - so you always know what's happening at home.

The system also has an IFTTT Channel - this allows you to extend the capabilities of the standard system using the hundreds of channels available on IFTTT.

Overall, we like iSmartAlarm, it's a nice fit for basic security at home or an office. It has a good range of products, easy to configure and keeps you connected with what's happening.


The whole iSmartAlarm range is now available, in stock at Vesternet, take a look at it to protect your smart home.

Thanks Abhi

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