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LightwaveRF Door Chimes - Coming Soon.

LightwaveRF have announced a range of four door bells (chimes) to go with the current wireless lighting, power and heating products.

The door chime kits will work stand alone with the button wirelessly triggering the chime, or you can use them as part of your normal LightwaveRF system where they can be used with an unlimited number of LightwaveRF devices. The LightwaveRF Chimes are available in four versions - Portable, Wire-Free, Wire-Free Plug In and Wire-Free MP3.

The door chimes can be used virtually anywhere in the house or in the garden – all door chimes can be connected to the LightwaveRF dimmers that can be programmed to trigger the lighting to dim up or dim down as necessary when someone rings the doorbell. Each of the door chime kits have 8 pre-stored chimes to choose from but the MP3 version allows for a personal preference chime to be used.

The four chime kits should be available in March and pricing looks like the following:


    • Wireless portable door chime unit – £19.99


    • Plug-in wireless door chime unit – £21.99


    • Wireless 4” metal bell chime – £26.99


  • MP3 door chime – £39.99

We will add the LightwaveRF Chimes to the site as soon as we have full information, in the mean-time, if you'd like some more information contact us at We will also test these before we release them and publish a complete report on how they perform.

Speak to you soon.


Author David Bell

About the Author

David Bell is the founder of Vesternet. As a contributing author on popular smart home topics including Z-Wave & Zigbee, he’s been cited in a multitude of popular websites, forums & articles over the past 10 years and continues to publish regularly on Vesternet.

With over 25 years in business, and 15 years in home automation, he also heads up all of Vesternet’s commercial initiatives throughout various online channels as an expert in sales, marketing & growth strategies.

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