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Nest range - all New at Vesternet


We've just added the whole Nest product range, and they are ALL in stock.

If you've not heard of Nest, then let me just sum them up quickly by saying that they are some of the most beautiful, nicely featured home automation products available - redefining common control or security devices we all have in our homes.

NEST Products

Nest's focus is to take everyday products, such as thermostats and smoke sensors, and bring them into the modern world, giving them new features and allowing you to control them from a smartphone. The mission is to create a thoughtful home that helps take care of your home and your family.

The Nest range includes the Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Protect (Smoke and CO detector) and the Nest Cam (IP camera). All in stock at Vesternet - first stock arrived this morning!

Nest Learning Thermostat (Gen 3)

The Nest learning Thermostat is definitely one of the most beautiful thermostats (yeah I know, these things excite me). They've taken this ubiquitous device and given it a true 21st Century spin.

The thermostat constantly learns from your behaviour and how you wish the heating to behave - as it learns, it controls the heating so that it does just what you need and as efficiently as possible. Saving you money on your heating. When it sees that you're not at home (from it's integrated motion sensor) it automatically switches the heating into 'away' mode, so that you're not heating an empty house.

The new 3rd generation of the thermostat adds more features and can control your hot-water as well.

Nest Protect

Smoke sensors are strange things - you buy one, install it and it sits there doing nothing - you actually hope it never needs to do anything. Nest changes that with the Nest Protect, a combined Smoke and CO sensor that does so much more. It doesn't just sit there, it interacts with you. It can tell the difference between smoke and steam, and even if you've burnt the toast - in these events it just sends you an email to say something may be wrong. If it detects real smoke, then it sounds it's siren, sends you alerts and importantly will trigger other Nest Protects that you my have fitted. This last point is important as it means it meets building regulation requirements.

Nest Protect is simple to install and available in wired (mains powered) and wireless (battery) versions.

Nest Cam

This simple to use camera allows you to see everything happening at home, even if you're hundreds of miles away. With 24/7 video streaming, superior night vision and instant activity alerts, Nest Cam keeps an eye on what matters. Plus it has a mic and speakers so you can hear what's going on and talk back using the Nest app. When someone is about to speak, Nest Cam will chime to get your attention

All the Nest devices simply and quickly add to your Wi-Fi network. You have access to them from your smartphone or tablet within minutes of getting them home. Then you're in control of your home.


All the Nest products are in stock, they all arrived this morning and ready to ship now.

Take a look at the full Nest product range at Vesternet.

Author David Bell

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