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Samsung Smart Camera Range- Now Available at Vesternet


The latest addition to our extensive line-up of smart home security devices is the all-new Samsung SmartCam Series that provides 4x better quality than traditional analogue CCTV Cameras. What's more? These smart cameras also pack some cool features like real-time video monitoring, motion detection alerts and remote video recording from your smartphone, tablet or Internet connected device.

Here's a quick preview of the entire SmartCam range:

Samsung SNH-E6440BN/EX Smart Home Camera HD Outdoor

Samsung SNH-E6440BN

Samsung SmartCam Outdoor Pro is a smart, simple and easy-to-use outdoor camera that records crisp HD videos around your home and lets you access the LIVE footage from your smartphone. While the large CMOS sensor captures details in stunning clarity, the IR sensor captures motion in black and white, even when it's pitch dark. The 128° ultra-wide angle lens spans across every corner, ensuring that you don't miss out on any detail

The SmartCam has been rigorously tested to achieve an Ingress Protection Rating of IP66, and provides superior protection against dust, rain, or wind. Installing the outdoor camera is also extremely easy. Just connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network, signup and register from your SmartCam app or browser, and start viewing the live footage from your smartphone or tablet device.

Samsung SNH-E6411BN/EX Smart Home Camera HD Indoor 1080p

Samsung SNH-E6411BN/EX

Want to check up on your baby, while you're still at work? Want to get instantly notified, if someone enters your home?

Monitoring your home is now easy, simple and convenient with Smart Home Indoor Camera HD that allows you to stream videos in Full HD (1080p) resolution while letting you zoom or pan across the live footage, schedule recording and get instant notifications whenever there's any suspicious activity in the selected zone.

The intelligent indoor camera can be accessed from anywhere in the world from your iOS or Android smartphone, tablet or any Internet connected device.

Samsung SNH-P6410/UK Smart Home Camera HD Indoor Pro 1080p

Samsung SNH-P6410

The SmartCam HD Pro Indoor Camera goes one step ahead of the SNH-E6411BN by providing interactive features and superior video clarity (HD 1080p). It comes with WDR technology that eliminates the silhouettes in the background, and comes with with built-in mic and speaker, allowing you to interact with your kids and loved ones, right from your smartphone.

The intelligent camera can be accessed from anywhere in the world from your iOS or Android smartphone, tablet or any Internet connected device. You can zoom or pan across the live footage, schedule recording or get notified instantly when there's any suspicious activity in the selected zone. The camera also provides the capability to store the recordings on a microSDXC memory card, making it easy to access and manage videos.

Samsung SEW-3036WP/UK Wireless Video Camera & Monitor

Samsung Smart Cam-- Simple and Secure

Samsung SEW-3036 is a smart, easy-to-use and compact wireless baby monitoring system consisting of a 3.5" LCD monitor and high resolution camera that allows you to record crisp and clear images in VGA (640x480) resolution.

The elegant and sleekly designed camera also comes with Non-visible IR LEDs for safe night time monitoring. It also packs innovative features like quiet mode that allows you to remove white background noise and two-way talk functionality that lets you talk to your baby from anywhere in your home.

You can connect up to four cameras with an existing Samsung SEW-3036 monitoring system.

Samsung SEB-1019RWP/UK Additional Camera for SEW-3036

Samsung SEB-1019RWP

Give your baby the freedom it needs.

Extend your baby monitoring system with the additional camera, so that it can roam wherever it wants, and you can still keep watch its every movement. You can connect up to 4 of these cameras with a single monitor unit as part of the SEW-3036 baby monitoring system.

The additional camera allows you to capture crisp and clear images in VGA resolution even under low lighting conditions, and comes with built-in mic and speaker, letting you listen and talk to your baby from your smartphone.


With Samsung's range of smart cameras, tracking everything that's going inside and outside your home is now just a tap away. Explore the entire Samsung range-- now available at Vesternet.

Author David Bell

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