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Smart Home

  • September 25, 2014

    LightwaveRF Heating Released

    It's been a long wait, but the LightwaveRF heating products have finally been released and will be with Vesternet in the next few days.The new LightwaveRF heating products enable you to control your boiler and radiators, easily creating a convenient multi-zoned heating system in any house.The line up includes: LightwaveRF Boiler Controller Lig...
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  • April 15, 2014

    Musaic Promises Hi-Fi Music And Home Automation

    We're always looking for new technology, and last week we had chance to meet up with a UK tech start-up - Musaic. Musaic is a new kind of HiFi system made up of wireless speakers that you place around your home, designed from the ground up for sound quality and ease of use. Currently this market is served by the likes of Bose and Sonos, h...
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  • September 18, 2013

    Zipato LightwaveRF 433MHz Module - Available

    Since it's launch earlier this year, the ZipaBox system has been one of the best selling Z-Wave controllers we have. Other than it's easy to use Rule Creator, the great feature of Zipato is that it will support other home automation technologies as well as Z-Wave.We now have stock of the new ZipaBox 433MHz Expansion Module that connects to the...
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  • September 3, 2013

    New Products at Vesternet

    We've just added a bunch of new products to Vesternet, all of them are in stock ready to go.Indigo SoftwareIndigo v6.0 Software enables your Apple Mac to control your home automation devices including Z-Wave and LightwaveRF. You can control and automate your home in one easy to use environment and of course you can control it from anywhere i...
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  • June 26, 2013

    Z-Wave and LightwaveRF Range Test

    We often get asked what range Z-Wave devices have and what are their real-world usable distances. So this weekend, faced with the option of painting fences or doing something more interesting, I thought I'd put it to the test.What follows is my unscientific testing of several Z-Wave and LightwaveRF On/Off sockets together with the three Z-Wave...
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  • June 4, 2013

    LightwaveRF Special Order Products

    Update January 2014Since writing this blog, we have withdrawn the Special Order Products. The LightwaveRF 400 series dimmers are no longer modular, it is no longer possible to build custom versions of the master and slave dimmers. LightwaveRF slaves are available in 1-gang, 2-gang and a combination (1 master and 1 slave) versions. For further ...
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  • November 7, 2012

    New - Home Automation Glossary

    Ever wondered what a ‘Mesh Network’ is, what’s the difference between a ‘Group’ and ‘Scene’ or what a ‘Gateway’ does?You’re probably not alone – home automation has lots of new words and terms that can be confusing, es...
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  • October 31, 2012

    Floods and Super-storms

    Summer 2012 will probably be remembered as the UK’s ‘wettest drought’.This sounds funny, but there's a serious side to it.The very dry winter followed by unusually high summer rainfall resulted in large areas of the country...
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