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Smart Home

  • June 27, 2022

    The Cost Of Smart Home Automation in 2022

    Home Automation systems bring all manner of benefits to you and your family - security, safety, comfort, convenience, gas / electric / water efficiency, money saving on your energy bills - a Smart Home can cover all sorts of household aspects.  This article will cover some of the questions that we are often asked on the topic of costs in achieving Smart Home nirvana.
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  • July 9, 2014

    New Popp On/Off Switch Meter - Now at Vesternet

    There's an old British saying about scarce things being like buses - none available for a long time and then a fleet of them arrive.This is abit like Z-Wave Wall Plug Switch Meters for UK plug types.We recently launched the TKB TZ88, which at the time was the only UK style Switch Meter. And, now we are just launching the Popp Switch Meter.The ...
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  • April 17, 2014

    TKB UK Power Measuring Wall Plug - Now in Stock

    We've just received the first batch of the TKB TZ88 wall plug.What's so special about this?The TKB TZ88 is the only UK style Z-Wave wall plug capable of controlling any appliance and measuring its power consumption.The TZ88 wall plug can: Control the appliance On/Off Measure voltage, current and power factor Report instant power (W) and accumu...
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  • March 26, 2013

    Fibaro Wall Plug - Stock at Vesternet

    The first stock of the Fibaro Wall Plug in Europe has arrived at Vesternet and is now ready to ship to you!As this is probably the most anticipated product of 2013, we don't expect them to be on the shelves too long, so make sure you...
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  • March 7, 2013

    QEES Switch and Dimmers In Stock at Vesternet

    The stylish QEES Z-Wave Switch and Universal Dimmer with integrated Power Meter are now available at Vesternet.The beautifully sculpted 'shell' modules connect inline (in the cable) of your lamp or appliance; you can then control it via Z-Wave or by pressing the switches top cover.At the same time as controlling the appliance, the QEES module ...
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  • February 27, 2013

    New Fibaro Wall Plug

    This new wall plug could possible be the 'Ultimate' Z-Wave Wall plug.As you'd expect the Fibaro Wall Plug connects between any appliance and the wall socket, enabling you to control the appliance via Z-Wave.But that's only part of the...
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