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Z-Wave Qubino RGBW Dimmer Plus

by Qubino
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Z-Wave Qubino RGBW Dimmer Plus - Bring Colours to Life with the World's Smallest RGBW Controller

  • Wireless RGBW Controller
  • 5 special scene effects (Ocean, Lightning, Rainbow, Snow and Sun)
  • Ideal for dimming RGB/RGBW strips, LED strips and bulbs, or even halogen bulbs
  • Compatible with any 12V or 24V light source
  • The world's smallest RGBW dimmer module
  • Easy installation
  • Z-Wave Plus Certified


 Choosing a Z-Wave Module 


Bring Colours to Life - RGBW Dimmer

The Qubino RGBW Dimmer is designed to control your RGB/RGBW strips and LED strips or bulbs in order to create countless colour options and includes 5 special scene effects (Ocean, Lightning, Rainbow, Snow and Sun). The wide range of colours lets you "paint" your home according to your mood. Highlight your favourite wall by illuminating a picture on it in tones that you choose yourself.

The module can work in combination with the other Z-Wave devices in your house. You can control it either remotely through the Z-Wave network or through wall switches.


Colour and Mood Wizard

Choose from among 16 million different shades. Change the colours of your rooms and the things in them and create lighting effects on outdoor surfaces such as summerhouses, paths or even the outlines of your house. Come home from work to a relaxing atmosphere created by a preset lighting scene.

Use it to decorate your kitchen work surface or to light up the shower or the mirror in your bathroom. Whatever the weather outside, let your living room glow in warm and welcoming rainbow colours. And all this by simply tapping your smartphone or tablet!



What is it Used For?

The Qubino RGBW Dimmer is ideal for dimming RGB/RGBW strips, LED strips and bulbs, or even halogen bulbs. It can create different lighting effects (scenes) and adjust the colour and intensity of the light source.


The Smallest of Them All

The Qubino RGBW dimmer module occupies a smaller volume than comparable modules of any other brand and will fit easily in any flush mounting box.

The Simplest Installation

Extremely small size and a specially designed casing mean that connecting the module inside a flush mounting box is simplicity itself. The installation process, tested and approved by professional electricians, consists of just three simple steps:

  1. Remove the switches from the box and disconnect the wires.
  2. Connect the wires to the Qubino module and insert it in the box.
  3. Fix the switches to the box.


Remarkably Versatile

The Qubino RGBW Dimmer can operate across a wide temperature range, from a chilly 0°C to a scorching 40°C (32°F-104°F). It is used to mix the colours of RGB/RGBW/LED strips and LED bulbs.

Each module also acts as a repeater in order to improve the range and stability of the Z-Wave network.

Z-Wave Plus

The Z-Wave Qubino RGBW Dimmer Plus is Z-Wave Plus Certified. Z-Wave Plus (5th Generation Z-Wave) offers a lot of new features including increased range, extended battery life and Over The Air upgrading (OTA). Take a look at our "What is Z-Wave Plus" guide for more information

Technical Details

  • Frequency: 868.42MHz, Z-Wave
  • Power supply: 12-24VDC
  • Power consumption: 0.48W under 12V, 0.72W at 24V
  • PWM Output Frequency: 488Hz
  • Output power: 8A per channel, 13A max total (3.25A recommended for each channel in RGBW use)
  • Maximum load (eg halogen lamps): 12VDC: 156W combined; 24VDC: 312W combined
  • Range: up to 30 m indoors (depending on surrounding materials)
  • Operating temperature: -10 ~ 40 ° C
  • Space required for installation: Ø 60mm
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 40.5 mm x 32 mm x 14.5 mm
  • Weight: 25g
  • Certifications: CE, RoHs
Included in this product:
  • Z-Wave Plus
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