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HOMEIX - 3 Hour Smart Home Launchpad

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The Most Incredible Smart Home Starter Kit...

  • Home Assistant + Z-Wave + Zigbee (one box)
  • £4,000 of Hardware, Software & Support
  • Next Level VIP Onboarding
  • 3 Breathtaking Guarantees
  • Nothing Comes Close!

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Transform your home into a smart one with us, and gain more than just a product.

You'll have access to our dedicated team of experts and a wealth of guides, ensuring you're well-equipped to handle any technical challenges.

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Introducing our unmatched Compatibility Guarantee.

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You NEED a smart home today - don't miss out as others advance with automation:

  • Save on Energy Costs
  • Timed Heating
  • Enhanced Home & Family Security
  • Instant Emergency Alerts
  • Impress with Smart Lighting
  • ... and more, just a click away

    Featuring the top open source smart home software (Home Assistant) and the leading wireless technologies (Z-Wave & Zigbee), you're not tied to any brand and have 100% local control. Join the masses using these technologies or be left out.

    Zigbee 3.0 radio built in

    (Zigbee2MQTT preinstalled)

    One of the most popular & widely implemented smart home technologies, utilising the robust MQTT integration - Zigbee 3.0 boasts support support for 1000's of devices with seamless setup.

    Z-Wave 700 radio built in

    (Z-WaveJS preinstalled)

    The longest running & most stable wireless smart home protocol, boasting new 700 series support (extra security, simple configuration & more), the Z-WaveJS integration makes for a fast & simple user experience.

    Home Assistant Supervised Pre-Installed

    The most popular and widely installed open source smart home software, boasting 1000's of users & community developers.

    Weekly software updates give fresh features & integrations, along with a supervised installation meaning we can help with remote support where needed.

    Add-ons, automations, 1000's of compatible products and native mobile apps for remote access (iPhone & Android)... all mirrored with a fully local installation, meaning no cloud reliance.

    Everything Pre-Installed in One Box

    Option 1

    Spend countless wasted hours researching separate hardware & software components to make your own hub, only to find incompatibilities & lack of support.

    Option 2

    One box, plug-in and be up & running within 5 minutes, all backed with Vesternet support. Access the most popular smart home software available in one simple step.

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    A breath of fresh air, powerful, well thought out , great dashboards, to name but a few. Quite frankly the best hub I have ever had, the competition will need to think hard as to where they go from here.

    David Cruttenden

    Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom

    If you are looking for a 'simple, out-of-the-box Home Assistant solution' then you have found it. Power it up, network it and you are ready to start. Simplicity personified with Z Wave and Zigbee radios built-in you can start adding devices straight away.

    Peter Cook

    North Shields, United Kingdom

    Not only am I impressed with HA, the simplicity of this unit makes setup much easier than something like Pi. Everything is built in and it seems very reliable during the months I’ve used it. Would highly recommend.

    E Green

    United Kingdom

    An excellent "out of the box" solution that has upgraded the system seamlessly, providing a future-proof platform.
    Many legacy devices have transferred and monitoring of each has vastly improved as multiple dashboards can easily be created using the pre-installed Home Assistant software.

    Brian Day

    United Kingdom

    A truly great product. This is my first use of Home Assistant, and having an 'all in one' hub made sense for simplicity. In summary, a great effort and well worth buying if you're considering switching to Home Assistant.

    Jo Phenna

    United Kingdom

    HOMEIX - 3 Hour Smart Home Launchpad

    Includes £4,000 of Hardware, Software, Content & Consulting to get you flying in your home automation journey...

    RapidStart Smart Home Challenge

    Dive into home automation without the headache with our streamlined 30-minute guide, offering step-by-step instructions to set up smart devices. Derived from 15 years of our hands-on experience, it's tailored for anyone new to the technology who wants to move super fast.

    Witnessing countless beginners hit roadblocks, we decided to distill our expertise into a concise, actionable guide, ensuring a smoother start for you.

    No more sifting through lengthy manuals or videos. With the RapidStart Challenge, your home automation setup becomes effortless and quick. Experience the comfort and efficiency of a fully automated home sooner.

    In no time after unboxing, your living space responds intuitively. Lights adjust, devices connect, and your home syncs seamlessly with your commands.

    But this isn’t just a guide - we also include two best selling products (Z-Wave & Zigbee to experience pairing for both techs) in your kit. So, you won’t just be learning in theory; you’ll be applying your knowledge immediately with real devices, making the learning curve smoother than ever.

    Inside You'll Discover:

    • 3 essential and simple lessons that cover 95% of smart home installation requirements.
    • The quickest method to pair both Z-Wave and Zigbee devices, eliminating guesswork.
    • Top 2 common mistakes to avoid, ensuring a smoother setup experience.
    • How to ensure seamless integration between devices for a truly connected home.
    • Optimising settings for energy savings without compromising functionality.

    Priced at £399 (a steal for the years of knowledge alone), this essential tool is yours INCLUDED with HOMEIX - 3 Hour Smart Home Launchpad.

    Home Assistant Mastery Course

    Transition from basic setup to daily smart home wizardry with ease using our 3-step deep dive into harnessing the full potential of Home Assistant, the heart of your smart home kit. We unravel the intricacies of settings, scenes, rules, templates, blueprints, and more, guiding you towards becoming a Home Assistant maestro.

    Post-setup, many users are overwhelmed with the sheer capabilities of Home Assistant. Recognizing this, we curated a course to bridge the gap, turning novices into savvy users.

    Across Three Courses, You'll Uncover:

    • Course 1: Dive deep into settings and scenes, ensuring your smart devices perform harmoniously.
    • Course 2: Master the intricacies of rules and their application, enhancing your home's intelligent reactions.
    • Course 3: Advanced techniques and best practices to optimise your smart home ecosystem.

    You won't just be "using" your smart home; you'll be commanding it. Optimise every feature, every setting, ensuring your living space truly reflects your desires.

    Priced at £699, this immersive course is INCLUDED with your starter kit. Transform your daily living with expert-led, actionable insights.

    Elite Home Assistant Blueprint Pack

    Unlock a world of ready-made automation perfection with our curated collection of pre-designed automation templates. Seamlessly integrate these blueprints into your Home Assistant, covering a range of scenarios from heating and lighting to advanced security setups.

    Inside the Pack, You'll Receive:

    • Tailored blueprints for optimising heating based on weather and presence.
    • Expert-crafted lighting scenes that suit various moods and times of the day.
    • Robust security setups that enhance safety without needless alerts.
    • Energy-saving automations, ensuring a greener home without lifting a finger.
    • Plus, other top-tier templates, meticulously refined by our experts over years.

    We noticed users spending endless hours reinventing the wheel. Our solution? Provide the wheel, refined and perfected. These blueprints have been distilled from years of testing and feedback, ensuring optimal functionality and ease of use.

    Plug and play top-tier automations without the hassle. Reduce setup time, and rest assured you're using expert-approved templates, optimised for performance and reliability.

    Priced at £589, this blueprint pack is INCLUDED with your starter kit. Elevate your home automation with tried and tested expert solutions.

    Compatibility Shopper Plus+

    Navigate the smart home landscape with confidence and ease. Once you purchase HOMEIX - 3 Hour Smart Home Launchpad, you gain exclusive access to this revolutionary tool. Shop our site with clarity, targeting products labeled as HA Compatible. We've done the rigorous work of ensuring each product integrates flawlessly with your system.

    You'll get:

    • A curated range of products, pre-verified for perfect compatibility.
    • Freedom from hours of research and potential mispurchases.
    • Confidence in every purchase, knowing it's backed by our expert validation.
    • Direct access to our smart home specialists for any specific compatibility inquiries.
    • Peace of mind, shopping in a compatibility-confusion-free zone.

    The smart home world can be a maze of compatibility challenges. We saw customers' frustrations and decided to be the compass, guiding you through a seamless shopping experience.

    Say goodbye to compatibility headaches. Empower your shopping with the assurance that each HA Compatible purchase will blend seamlessly into your smart ecosystem.

    Priced at £49 per month, this compatibility assurance system is INCLUDED with your starter kit.

    VIP Smart Home Concierge Service

    Elevate your support with direct access to our top-tier smart home maestros, giving you a passport to unparalleled support and advice. With this bonus, you’re assigned dedicated VIP access to our elite team of smart home experts. Whether you have a burning question or need tailored product suggestions, your concierge is just a message away. With this service you'll enjoy:

    • Direct access to a dedicated VIP team, well-versed in the world of smart home automation.
    • Personalized product recommendations tailored to your evolving needs.
    • Prompt answers to any questions or challenges you face on your automation journey.
    • Peace of mind, knowing you have a seasoned expert in your corner.
    • A relationship that understands your unique home setup and preferences.

    Valued at £99 per month, this unmatched level of personalized support is INCLUDED with your starter kit. Navigate the world of smart homes with an expert always by your side.

    Wireless Signal Coverage Pack

    Unravel the mysteries of wireless technologies, guiding you to optimise your smart home's connectivity for unparalleled performance and convenience. In this book you'll Learn...

    • Mastering Wireless Tech: Understand the core differences between Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, and Thread, and how each can be harnessed for specific smart home needs.
    • Optimal Device Placement: Learn the art of positioning devices in various home setups, ensuring every corner of your space is seamlessly connected.
    • Combat Interference: Discover how to manage and mitigate interference between devices, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted smart home operations.
    • Wall Wisdom: Grasp the impact of different wall types on signal strength and learn strategies to overcome any barriers they might pose.
    • Inter-Technology Harmony: Dive into real-life scenarios that showcase how different technologies can coexist and complement each other, amplifying your smart home's potential.

    PLUS, don't just read it - implement it... your checklist comes with a Z-Wave Range Extender 7 so you can experience pairing & setup first hand.

    Priced at £80, it comes INCLUDED with your HOMEIX - 3 Hour Smart Home Launchpad.

    • Unlock the Power of Smart Living: Your Ultimate Guide to a Futuristic Home

      Unveil the most innovative ways to integrate smart tech seamlessly into your daily life, truly transforming your living space into a haven of convenience, safety, and modern sophistication. You'll Learn...

      • Simplicity at Your Fingertips: Grasp the basics of setting up common yet essential automations like hands-free lighting.
      • Weather-Wise Automations: Learn how your home can intuitively adjust to Mother Nature, from closing windows when it rains to optimising temperature.
      • Enhance Security: Elevate your home’s security with automated alerts, making sure you're always in the know.
      • Energy Efficiency: Discover smart scenarios to reduce energy consumption, saving the planet and your pocket.
      • Lifestyle & Entertainment: Set the mood for every occasion - be it a movie night or a workout session.

      Priced at £37, it's INCLUDED with your HOMEIX - 3 Hour Smart Home Launchpad

    • Ultimate Smart Home Guide: Blueprint to Seamless Integration & Elevated Living

      Unravel the intricacies of both preparing you home for smart tech + adding to it over time. You'll Learn...

      1. Dream Big, Start Simple: Delve deep into the strategy of initiating your smart home journey with manageable steps.
      2. Family-First Design: Grasp the essence of building a smart home that caters to every family member.
      3. Unified User Experience: Uncover the secrets to avoid a fragmented tech landscape.
      4. Research as Your Compass: Learn the art of proactive planning, ensuring you harness the best tech solutions and avoid common pitfalls.
      5. Embrace Elegance: Explore the beauty of creating sophisticated smart setups that prioritize simplicity, ensuring daily operations are a breeze for all.

      Priced at £37, it's INCLUDED with your HOMEIX - 3 Hour Smart Home Launchpad

    Plus There's Even More... Your HOMEIX - 3 Hour Smart Home Launchpad Comes With:

    • Compatibility

      HOMEIX boasts seamless integration with the top smart home products. Home Assistant is regularly updated with support for new devices so your purchase is always future-proof.

    • Warranty

      Shop with confidence knowing you have a generous 3-year warranty. We stand by our quality, ensuring you peace of mind.

    • Technology

      Tailor your smart home to your needs. Choose between Z-Wave and Zigbee products for the perfect fit every time.

    • Delivery

      UK customers enjoy Faster Free delivery. Get your smart home devices in record time without the wait.

    • Support

      Experience VIP treatment with faster access to our smart home experts. Our top-tier technical support ensures you’re always in good hands.

    And These Too...

    • Loyalty Points

      Every purchase earns you loyalty points. The more you spend, the more you save. Collect points for future discounts, making each buy a step towards your next saving.

    • Premium Support

      Become a part of our smart home enthusiast community. Share experiences, learn from peers, and access top-tier tech support with fast response times from our experts.

    • Exclusive Early Access

      Get your hands on the latest smart home products before anyone else. Enjoy priority notifications about new releases and exclusive offers, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of innovation.

    Here's What You Get

    A table comparing the facets of 2 products
    HOMEIX - Hub
    View details
    HOMEIX - 3 Hour Smart Home Launchpad
    View details
    HOMEIX Hub
    £199 Value
    HOMEIX Hub
    £199 Value
    Wireless Signal Coverage Book
    £37 Value
    Wireless Signal Coverage Pack
    £80 Value
    Ultimate Smart Home Guide
    £37 Value
    Ultimate Smart Home Guide
    £37 Value
    Unlock the Power of Smart Living
    £37 Value
    Unlock the Power of Smart Living
    £37 Value
    RapidStart Smart Home Blueprint
    £399 Value
    Home Assistant Mastery Course
    £699 Value
    Elite Home Assistant Blueprint Pack
    £589 Value
    Compatibility Shopper Plus+
    £49 Value per month
    VIP Smart Home Concierge Service
    £99 Value per month
    > £4,000

    Our Unbelievable No-Risk Promises

    • "Never Research Compatibility" Guarantee

      Navigating the maze of smart home compatibility can be daunting. But with us, you can leave the research behind. We've done the homework for you, ensuring every product you order from our kit is a perfect match.

      And here's our unbeatable promise: If we vouch for a product's compatibility and it doesn't deliver, not only will we swiftly process your return, but we'll also gift you 50% of the item's price as store credit for your next purchase. Simply look for products marked as compatible on our site, and shop with the utmost confidence, knowing you're backed by our ironclad guarantee.

    • "Full House" 7 Day Smart Guarantee

      Dive into the future of home automation with complete peace of mind. If anyone in your household isn't utterly thrilled with HOMEIX - 3 Hour Smart Home Launchpad, simply drop an email to with the words "give me my money."

      The very next day, our courier will be at your doorstep to collect everything. It's a no-strings-attached, no-questions-asked promise. Experience the magic of smart living, knowing you're backed by a risk-free guarantee.

    • "Happy Hub" 6 Month Guarantee

      Every Vesternet device you purchase comes with an extended 3-year faults warranty, ensuring you're never at a loss due to a glitch. But we get it, feelings change...

      So if you and your HOMEIX hub decide to go separate ways within the first 6 months, send it back to us. We'll credit you 50% of its full purchase price, which you can use towards any replacement hub of your choice. It's our way of ensuring your smart home journey is always filled with joy and flexibility.

    HOMEIX Is Made For You... Not For You...
    New to Home Automation: Enjoy a seamless introduction with comprehensive support and easy-to-follow guides. Complete Tech Novices: May find the initial learning curve and setup process challenging without prior tech interest.
    Existing Users New to Home Assistant: Access expert-led onboarding to leverage Home Assistant's full potential quickly. DIY Tinkerers: Miss out on the convenience of a ready-to-use system with tailored support.
    Comprehensive Starter Solution Seekers: Benefit from an all-in-one package designed from extensive industry experience. Piece-by-Piece Researchers: Could spend unnecessary time and effort gathering scattered information.
    Proactive Learners: Embrace a guided journey to a sophisticated smart home system. Controller-Only Shoppers: Won't take advantage of the full range of included devices and support.
    Quality and Expertise Valuers: Trust in a solution cultivated from 15 years of industry insights. Solo Experimenters: Risk missing out on the curated knowledge and streamlined learning process provided.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What's inside HOMEIX Hub?

    It's a smart home controller with built-in Zigbee 3.0 and Z-Wave 700 radios. It comes pre-installed with Home Assistant Supervised software, along with the configuration of Zigbee2MQTT and Z-Wave JS.

    What interface is needed to setup?

    Access is via the Home Assistant web UI.

    Is additional memory required and if so can it be added later?

    The hub has 2GB of RAM. No additional memory is required, nor can it be added.

    What storage does HOMEIX have?

    HOMEIX has 32GB of internal eMMC storage.

    Does Home Assistant support OTA updates for Z-Wave devices?

    Yes, Z-Wave JS (the Z-Wave integration used in Home Assistant) supports OTA updates via their web service.

    How do I upgrade the software?

    Home Assistant is regularly updated with new features, fixes & integrations. You can easily upgrade at any time via the Home Assistant website.

    Does Home Assistant have a Bluetooth integration?

    Yes, Home Assistant has a Bluetooth integration. Details for installing it can be found on the Home Assistant website.

    Can I migrate devices from my existing smart home controller?

    Home Assistant has various plugins to help achieve migration from certain hubs. If none are available for your hub you can simply re-pair manually.

    Can I use my existing smart home products?

    Home Assistant offers the widest range of compatible devices & brands available, so chances are that your smart home devices will work fine.


    How can I get technical support?

    Our team of experts are available to assist with any technical questions you may have via email and live chat.

    What if I struggle with installing or using after purchase?

    Our experts use HOMEIX in their own homes and have worked on developing many aspects of the hardware & software.

    This means we can provide unparalleled guidance and troubleshooting. You won't find this level of hands-on expertise anywhere.

    Do you offer installation services?

    HOMEIX can be easily self-installed so we don't offer physical installation. However, with our guides, tools and remote expert support you'll be up and running fast & without problems - guaranteed.


    How quickly will I receive my order?

    If you place your order before 2:30pm in the UK, you can expect it the next day. For orders outside the UK, we offer express shipping options that will get your products to you within a few days.

    Why should I choose to buy from Vesternet?

    When you buy from Vesternet, you're not just purchasing a product. You gain a partner with expertise in smart home technology. Our team is on-hand to assist with setup and provide valuable advice.

    Home automation can be complex, and having experts by your side can prevent costly mistakes.

    You also can't buy HOMEIX anywhere else. We make, sell and support it.

    Join 100,000+ Happy Clients

    How to Setup a Smart Home

    In 5 Simple Steps...

    1. Plug in your Hub and setup with wizard
    2. Install Devices around your home
    3. Wirelessly Connect devices to your hub with wizard
    4. Create Rules & Scenes with wizard to automate tasks
    5. Enjoy your automated home with increased Security, Comfort, Energy & Emergency monitoring, automated Heating & Lighting

    Then easily add more devices ongoing as you choose


    HOMEIX - 3 Hour Smart Home Launchpad




    Light Colour


    Light Output


    Colour Temperature


    Luminous Intensity





    Z-Wave Plus V2, Zigbee, Wi-Fi


    Alexa, Google, IFTTT, Philips Hue, Siri Shortcuts, Ring, LightwaveRF


    Apps Plugins, Graphical Scene Builder, Blueprints, Scripting, Smart Start



    Controller Type




    Access Control Type



    Quad Core Cortex A53 CPU

    Flash Storage

    32GB eMMC


    2GB RAM





    DC Voltage


    Load Types


    Load Rating






    Battery Type


    Battery Life


    Switch Types




    Active Element


    Alarm Sound Level




    IP Rating


    Max Load


    Max Transmitting Power


    Operating Humidity


    Overload Protection

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