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KB-101 - I can't access my VERA Edge & VERA Plus remotely, what should I do?


I can't access my VERA Edge & VERA Plus remotely, what should I do?


In the rare event that you can’t access your VERA controller running UI7 there are a few steps that can be completed in order to identify what the problem may be.

Platform Service Status

If you can’t connect to your VERA controller via MiCasaVerde App or the first step should be to check if there’s any ongoing problems with the MiCasaVerde servers.

While this is extremely rare, problems with the VERA servers can prevent users from accessing their units remotely.

A Platform Status portal is available to monitor all MiCasaVerde services status and you can subscribe to updates.

Try local access

If you’ve made it this far it probably means you still can’t access your controller even though there’s no reported problem with the VERA servers - if that’s the case then you should start by checking if you have local access to it.

The LEDs on the top of your VERA Edge or Plus can also help identify what the problem may be.

  • Power: this is pretty self-explanatory - if this LED is Off then you either have a faulty PSU or something is seriously wrong with your controller hardware
  • Internet: under normal circumstances this should be blinking fast. If instead it’s Off then you should check your Internet connection, Ethernet cable and local Switches/router
  • Service: this LED should also be turned On, if it isn’t then your VERA is unable to connect to the MiCasaVerde servers

Troubleshoot Network/Internet Accesss

If your Internet or Service LEDs isn’t lit you should start looking for reasons why VERA would be unable to have Internet access.

VERA doesn't need any port forwarding (external to internal) but requires unhindered outbound access as it is constantly communicating over the internet - SSH tunnel, time sync, backups, firmware, apps, energy logging, alerts, setting up users, etc.

You can head over to Settings – Net & Wi-fi and click on Troubleshoot Network to carry out a couple of diagnostic tests.

The following shows what a successful test will show:

VERA Troubleshoot Network

We’ve also heard BT users are having problems with multiple controllers – VERA included – so it’s worth reading this guide if you have a BT Internet Connection.

Vera support

If you got this far and still haven’t been able to track down what the problem is you should probably contact Vera support as they may be able to run some advanced diagnostics and hopefully get your VERA Controller back into working order!

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