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KB-78 - How do I upgrade or downgrade the firmware with VERA UI7?


How do I upgrade or downgrade the firmware with VERA UI7?


Firstly you should consider your reasons for changing firmware carefully and in particular we recommend you read this KB article.

Additionally we recommend that you should research your intended upgrade / downgrade first and ensure that your existing configuration, devices and settings will be preserved during the upgrade or downgrade.

Note: If you have a VERA Lite or VERA 3 and want to downgrade back to UI6 or UI5 you must contact MiCasaVerde support at and request that the "forced upgrade" is removed from your VERA, otherwise it will automatically upgrade again!


To check and upgrade your firmware to the latest officially available version, simply click on the "Settings" tab of the VERA web UI and then click on "Firmware".

VERA will contact the firmware download servers and check if you are running the latest firmware version, so you will need to ensure that VERA has a connection to the Internet.

If an update is available, you will be prompted to download it automatically - simply follow the directions given.

Firmware Upgrade

It's also possible to manually change the firmware by entering the correct URL into the "URL for custom Vera firmware" field. Previous firmware versions can be obtained by contacting VERA support.

Note: Case you do decide to upgrade the firmware on VERA, we recommend that you take a backup of your configuration beforehand.

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Updated: 02/09/2015