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KB-83 - How can I control the blades on Venetian / Vertical Blinds with a Fibaro Roller Shutter 2?


How can I control the blades on Venetian / Vertical Blinds with a Fibaro Roller Shutter 2?


We get asked this a lot: how can we control the twist of the blind blades as well as the opening and closing if the Roller Shutter is only connected to the motor directly to open / close it?

A Venetian / Vertical Blind motor sets the blades tilting before moving the blind open and closed.

For example if the motor starts to open the blind it will first swing all the blades to the open position and only then will the blind actually open, and vice versa for closing the blind.

The Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 plays with this initial movement, measuring how long it takes for the motor to completely swing the blades through their extremes and thus can predict how long it takes to reach, for example, 50 % (45 º) allowing you to individually control the blades themselves.

HC Venetian Blinds

To configure the Roller Shutter for Venetian / Vertical Blind Mode you need to set:

  • Parameter 3 = 1 (Blind position reports sent to the main controller using Fibar Command Class.)
  • Parameter 10 = 2 (Venetian / Vertical Blind Mode, with positioning)
  • Parameter 12 = measured time in milliseconds (time of full turn of the lamellas, default value 150)

It’s extremely important to set Parameter 12 to the exact measured time it takes for the blades to move between their extreme position. Correctly configured blade positioning should not force the blind to move up or down.


While it’s possible to use this functionality in VERA UI7, the UI is not yet ready to control the lamellas separately. A temporary workaround can be found here.

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Updated: 18/09/2015