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KB-88 - Are there any Weather proof Z-Wave PIR devices available?


Are there any Weather proof Z-Wave PIR devices available?


We get asked this a lot as its common practice to place Motion Sensors outside. Unfortunately this appears to be an area with not many options to choose from.

Both the Aeon Multisensor GEN5 and the Everspring SP103 are IP4X rated but that means they are Weather Resistant at best, they should be in a sheltered location and even then our experience tells they won’t last long outside.


We found that a CCTV Dome Shape Camera Housing provides decent protection from the elements increasing the time a Motion Sensor can “survive” outside.

Unfortunately Infrared can’t penetrate glass or plastic so we’ll need to do some modifications. Drilling a hole on the plastic dome will allow the sensor to detect changes in the amount of infrared radiation while still providing enough protection from the elements.

  • Drill a hole on the plastic dome with approximate the same size as the sensor “window” – we did ours with a hand drill and a hole saw.

CCTV Housing

  • Mount the camera base to the wall or ceiling and center the Motion Sensor bracket on top of it.

CCTV Housing

  • Attach the Motion Sensor to the bracket and adjust the angle as desired.

CCTV Housing

  • Close the CCTV Enclosure making sure it’s tightly sealed.

CCTV Housing

The enclosure we used would also be suitable for the Aeon Multisensor 6in1 and Fibaro Motion Sensor and although these sensors aren't rated for use outside at all, the enclosure may give enough protection for them to be used externally.

Note: When buying the Camera Housing make sure to check its size first. We bought a 12.7 x 8.5 cm housing and it was a perfect fit for the Aeon Multisensor GEN5.