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KB-89 - How can I send SMS notifications from Fibaro Home Center?


How can I send SMS notifications from Fibaro Home Center?


Fibaro Home Center can send SMS notifications to authorised phone numbers, but unfortunately the SMS service is currently only available in Poland and, although Fibaro is planning to expand this service, there’s no ETA for now.


If you have an email to SMS provider such as, then you can send a normal email notification from the Home Center that gets converted into an SMS.

  • After Logging In to go to your Account Settings and click 'Email to SMS'

Bulk SMS

  • Click 'Add an email address to send from'

Bulk SMS

  • Add your Fibaro email address – this is made up from your Home Center Serial Number and “” (e.g.
  • Set a password – this has to be sent as the email subject

Bulk SMS

  • In the Fibaro Home Center 'Access Control Panel' page, set the email address for alerts as your mobile number and “” (e.g

Fibaro User Panel

  • In the Fibaro Home Center 'Notifications Panel' page, create a new Notification with the correct Title (same as your password) and e-mail content you desire.

Fibaro Notification Panel

Now, whenever this Notification is used in your Fibaro Home Center (for example from a Scene) you should receive an SMS on your mobile phone.

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