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Z-Wave Philio 2 * 1.5 KW Power Meter Plus

by Philio
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Double Relay Inserts to control lighting and measure power consumption.

  • Enable Z-Wave control of lights and small appliances
  • Measure power consumption of appliances (PAN04-1B)
  • Control two independent loads
  • Small size enables inserts to fit into standard switch boxes
  • Require a 3-wire system (including neutral)
  • Z-Wave Plus Certified

The Philio Z-Wave Relay Inserts enable you to wirelessly control two independent loads. You can also control the loads manually with switches connected to the Philio Relay Insert.

The Inserts include 'Smart Calibration' technology that reduces in-rush currents when lamps are turned on, this makes them especially useful for controlling LEDs and fluorescent lamps. The PAN04 Relay module also includes measurement of the load's actual or accumulated power consumption.

Philio 2x1.5KW Relay with Power Measurement (PAN04-1B)

Double relay switch capable of operating two independent loads of up to 1.5KW each and measuring their power consumption.

  • Requires 3-wire (including neutral) installation
  • Power Measurement - Instant and Accumulated power consumption
  • Overload warning alert (configurable)
  • Various switch types - momentary (default), toggle, 1-way and 2-way
  • Works with AC or DC power supply (110-230V AC or 24-60V DC)

Note: These inserts require a 3-wire system (including neutral), please check your installation before purchasing. More information is available in Application Note 23 - Understanding 2-wire and 3-wire Lighting Systems.

Z-Wave Plus

The Philio 2 x 1.5 KW Power Meter Plus is Z-Wave Plus Certified. Z-Wave Plus (5th Generation Z-Wave) offers a lot of new features including increased range, extended battery life and Over The Air upgrading (OTA). Take a look at our "What is Z-Wave Plus" guide for more information