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Z-Wave Plus Aqua-Scope Ball Valve Servo

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Ball Valve Servo

  • Simple, Tools-Free: Just snap on and turn 2 knobs. Done in less then one minute!
  • Elbow proof: Can be installed on pipe elbows by adjustable clamps position
  • Smart Adaptive Torque Control: Protects motor, valve and pipe for long term operation
  • Outdoor Proof: IP67 rated, worked even submerged under water
  • Installation: Valves ½ inch to 1 ¼ inch
  • Integrated Water Detection Probe and Freeze Detection. Works Offline as well.

Choosing Z-Wave & Zigbee Sensors

Aqua-Scope Ball Valve Servo

The BVS (Ball Valve Servo) with Z-Wave is a motor to retrofit existing and installed ball valves into smart water controlling devices. The motor is powered by a 12 V external power supply.

The variable clamps allow mounting even in complex pipe installations. The patented motor coupling ensures easy installation and precise long-term operation. The device can operate in difficult environmental conditions, even submerged under water and allows to directly connect one additional local water sensor pad by cable.