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Z-Wave Plus Popp Smoke Sensor with controllable Siren (2-in-1)

by Popp
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2-in-1 smoke detector with indoor siren

  • Detects smoke and fire
  • Automatic meshing between all POPP smoke sensors (POPE004001) in range
  • Independent use without smart home control center possible
  • Easy installation
  • Automatic self-calibration and self-test
  • Additional function as independent indoor siren (e.g. burglary or flood alarm)
  • Power Supply of radio module: Mains power (with optional available mains adapter) or battery

POPP Smoke Sensor with controllable Siren (2-in-1) V 1.2

There are many potential sources of fire in your home. Smoke detectors can save lives. In case of fire or smoke, every second is important to quickly extinguish small fires and to get yourself and others safe.

The POPP Smoke Sensor with controllable Siren (2-in-1) Version 1.2 resulting fire and smoke emission reliable. In case of emergency it alarms acoustically and sends the alarm signal to all other POPP smoke detectors in range. That ensures that the alarm reaches people in all floors as well as in the night while they are sleeping.

Thanks to Z-Wave wireless technology, you can define further actions triggered by the smart home control center in case of an alarm. To enhance safety, escape routes can be highlighted through automatic lighting, opening shutters and unlocking doors. If an electrical device (e.g. iron) is the causer for the alarm, it can be switched off automatically (if plugged to an intelligent wall plug).

Beyond these functions, the Z-Wave smoke detector can be used as an independent indoor siren which can be integrated into an existing security system. Within your Z-Wave smart home network the smoke detector can be connected to other sensors such as door and window contacts or motion sensors independently from a control center. In case of an alarm, the acoustic signal will be different from the signal in case of fire.

POPP Smoke Sensor with controllable Siren (2-in-1) V 1.2

Technical Details

  • Dimensions 106 x 56 mm
  • Weight 140 gr
  • Hardware Platform ZM5202
  • EAN 4251295701486
  • IP Class IP 20
  • Battery Type 1 * 9V
  • Device Type Notification Sensor
  • Network Operation Always On Slave
  • Z-Wave Version 6.51.06
  • Certification ID ZC10-16125371
  • Z-Wave Product Id 0x0154.0x0100.0x0201
  • Frequency Europe - 868,4 Mhz
  • Maximum transmission power 5 mW
Included in this product:
  • Z-Wave Plus
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