Danfoss not communicating with VERA


The Danfoss Z-Wave TRV has stopped communicating with VERA. The TRV's alarm-bell and antenna icons are blinking and it will not take commands from VERA.


This is a recent issue and is known as 'Panic Mode'.

By default VERA uses Z-Wave firmware v3.20 , however this version does not include Z-Wave SIS capability, which the Danfoss requires for correct operation.


Change VERA's Z-Wave firmware version to the previous v2.78 version (which does support SIS).

  • Make sure you have a back-up of your VERA system
  • Go to SETUP > Z-Wave Settings
  • Un-check the 'Use Z-Wave version 3.20...' box
  • Click the red 'SAVE' button (top-right of the VERA window)

Changing this setting will not adversely affect your system, but will ensure the Danfoss and VERA are able to communicate correctly and reliably

Note : this is valid for older versions of the Danfoss TRV but not for the Danfoss LC-13.

Copyright Vesternet 2015

Updated: 17/07/2015