Inteligent Lighting with LightwaveRF

LightwaveRF is a low-cost wireless home automation technology ideally suited to simple control of lighting and power sockets.

LightwaveRF Control

The LightwaveRF range of dimmers and sockets are stylish and easily retro-fitted into existing installations, making it ideal for quick, easy control of lighting.

How it works

Light Control

LightwaveRF devices are paired directly with each other. So a LightwaveRF remote control or sensor is directly paired with the dimmer or socket that it will control. This makes LightwaveRF very easy to setup and you can be up and running in minutes. Each LightwaveRF device can be paired with up to six controlling devices, so you have lots of scope to use as many sensors and remote controls as you like.

A key thing to remember with LightwaveRF devices is that dimmers and sockets are receivers only - they do not transmit any acknowledgements or status updates. In the same respect, LightwaveRF remote controls and sensors are only transmitters, they send command signals to the dimmer or socket they are paired with.

Smartphone and Remote Access

The system can be used together with the optional LightwaveRF Link controller that allows you to control the lights from a smartphone or tablet while you are at home or even away.


Moods allow you to control a number of LightwaveRF devices all as one group. The mood can set dimmers to different brightness levels and some devices On and others Off. So a movie mood could change the lighting so the main room lights turn off and the table lamps dim down to 20%.

LightwaveRF is ideal for most applications, however, it does not have the advanced features of a mesh network technology such as Z-Wave, so be sure to check out the Z-Wave Lighting guide or our in-depth comparison of LightwaveRF and Z-Wave.