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APNT-108 - Using Sensative Strips in VERA UI7

This guide will show how to use the Sensative Strips in VERA UI7.

Currently Vera UI7 (v1.7.730/v1.7.1598) doesn’t support Sensative Strips out-of-the-box so after Inclusion you will just see a Generic Device on the UI which doesn't show the sensor changing state.

Generic Device

Update Device Parameters

  • Click the device's “arrow” icon and go to the “Device Options” tab
  • Set Parameter 1 and 2 as follows

Sensative Parameters

  • Click the “Save Changes” button to ensure you save your settings
  • Click Back and then click “Advanced” followed by “Commands
  • Click “Configure Node Right Now

Being a Battery operated device you’ll need to wake up the device to accept the new Parameters:

  • Place the round magnet at the rounded edge
  • When the LED blinks, move the magnet away
  • Repeat 3 times in total within 10 seconds

Change VERA UI Device Icon

With the Parameters set we can now move on to change how the device is shown in VERA’s UI.

  • Click the device's “arrow” icon and go to the “Advanced” tab
  • Change both device_file and device_json to D_DoorSensor1.xml and D_DoorSensor1.json respectively

Sensative Advanced Tab

  • Go back to the Dashboard and click “Settings
  • Under “Z-Wave Settings” click on “Reload Engine
  • Allow a few minutes for VERA to reload
  • Do a hard refresh in the browser (CTRL + F5)


The VERA UI should now show a more appropriate icon for the device and moving the magnet away from the Sensative Strip should update the status correctly!


The Sensative Strip can then be used as a Scene Trigger as shown below:

Sensative Scene

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