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APNT-136 - Using D-Link, Devolo or Hauppauge Door & Window Sensor in VERA UI7

This guide will show how to use the D-Link, Devolo or Hauppauge Door & Window Sensor in VERA UI7.

Currently Vera UI7 (v1.7.760/v1.7.1707/v1.7.1754 doesn’t support any of these devices out-of-the-box so after Inclusion you will just see a Generic Device on the UI as the parent device.

Generic Device

Update Wakeup Interval and Polling

By default VERA will set Wakeup Interval to 1800 and Polling to 10800. For an optimal battery life we advise increasing the Wakeup Interval to a higher value such as 86400 and disable polling.


Update Device Parameters

The following parameters values are based on our testing for optimal results: make the device report temperature / light changes on 1 degree or 1% change, 4 minute PIR clear time, and report battery, light and temperature every 30 minutes.

  • Click the device's “arrow” icon and go to the “Device Options” tab
  • Set the device parameters as follows


  • Click the “Save Changes” button to ensure you save your settings
  • A "Waiting for device to wakeup" message should display

Being a Battery operated device you’ll need to wake up the device to accept the new Parameters:

  • Remove the front cover
  • Press the tamper key once

Change VERA UI Device Icon

With the Parameters set we can now move on to change how the device is shown in VERA’s UI.

  • Click the parent device's “arrow” icon and go to the “Advanced” tab
  • Change both device_file and device_json to D_DoorSensor1.xml and D_DoorSensor1.json respectively

Advanced Tab

  • Go back to the Dashboard and click “Settings
  • Under “Z-Wave Settings” click on “Reload Engine
  • Allow a few minutes for VERA to reload
  • Do a hard refresh in the browser (CTRL + F5)


The VERA UI should now show a more appropriate icon for the device and each sensor should be working correctly!


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