APNT-15 - Using VERA as a Dusk to Dawn Light Controller

This application note shows how to use VERA as a Dusk to Dawn controller to automatically control a light.

Project Aim

The aim of this project is automatically control a light during the night:

  • Use VERA Lite as the central controller and scheduler
  • Light turns On at Dusk (Sunset)
  • Light turns Off at Dawn (Sunrise)
  • The time of Sunset and Sunrise is automatically calculated by VERA - no need to change the times manually

Setting the Scene

This application needs two Scenes to be created in VERA:

  • Scene 1 - turns the light On at Sunset, it uses a Schedule (1) to trigger it at the correct time
  • Scene 2 - turns the light Off at Sunrise, it uses a Schedule (2) to trigger it at the correct time
  • Check the time - As this application uses VERA's time control, you need to ensure that it's time and location have been correctly configured.
    For further information take a look at Application Note 14 - Setting the Time in Vera

Create Scene 1 (Sunset)

Scenes are created and edited in VERA's Automation Tab, to create the first scene for our Sunset - Sunrise control:
  • Go to the Automation tab and click New Scene
  • Give the new scene a name - in this example I used 'Demo Night Light On'
  • Select the Z-Wave device to be controlled by the scene - I selected 'Main Light - LW' and clicked 'On'
  • Choose a Room from the drop-down list - I selected 'Demo'

VERA Scene Creation

Create Schedule 1 (Sunset)

The Sunset scene will be controlled by a dedicated schedule that activates it at the correct time and day:
  • Go to the Schedules, click blue Add Schedule button
  • Give the new schedule a name - I gave it the same name as the scene 'Demo Night Light On'
  • Select 'Day of Week based' - this enables you to select the time and day(s) that this schedule will trigger the scene
  • Select the day(s) you would like this schedule to be active - I choose 'Monday - Friday'
  • In 'Time' select 'Sunset' from the drop-down selection
  • Click 'Done' to save this new schedule

Creating a VERA Schedule

  • Click the green 'Confirm Changes' button to save the Scene
  • Click the red 'Save' button to save changes to VERA

Saving the Scene in VERA

  • When VERA has saved the scene, click the blue 'Continue' button on the 'Save Data' screen.

VERA Save Data Screen

Create Scene 2 (Sunrise)

To create the second Scene to switch the light Off at Sunrise, follow the same process as for Scene 1:
  • Go to the Automation tab, click New Scene
  • Name the Scene and Schedule 'Demo Night Light Off'
  • Set the same device to 'Off'
  • Go to the 'Schedules' tab and create a new schedule named 'Demo Night Light Off'
  • Set the schedule control to 'Sunrise'
  • Make sure you click 'Confirm Changes' and 'Save'

We now have two scenes that will control the On and Off times for light.

Final Scenes in VERA


Take a look at the video to see these scenes being created in VERA.

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