APNT-27 - Using LightwaveRF Multi-Gang Slaves

Important Update

Since writing this guide we have chosen to withdraw the LightwaveRF special Order products.

The demand for the products was simply to low to justify continuing with the service.

We suggest using the LightwaveRF Wireless Switches/Dimmers instead of multi-gang slaves - take a look at APNT-58 - 2-Way Lighting using LightwaveRF Wireless Dimmers for more information.

To install LightwaveRF dimmers into 2-way lighting systems, each dimmer (master) needs to be paired with at least one LightwaveRF slave. More information on using LightwaveRF in 2-way lighting is available in application note: APNT-4 - 2-way lighting using LightwaveRF dimmers.

The LightwaveRF standard product range includes 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-gang dimmers (masters) but only a 1-gang slave dimmer.

In most installations it's not practical to split the circuits so that you can use a 1-gang slave dimmer, this is especially true when retrofitting the LightwaveRF dimmers/slaves into an existing lighting system. For instance you may have an existing 2-way circuit that has 2-gang switches at either 'end' of the circuit. In this case you would have difficulty using a 1-gang slave.

Special Order Multi-Gang LightwaveRF Slave Dimmers

To enable people to use LightwaveRF more effectively, Vesternet offer a range of Special Order LightwaveRF multi-gang slaves and combination (master + slave) products. These are specially built to order in all the combinations you need for any installation. For more information please contact us at sales@vesternet.com.

The special order range includes:

Slave Dimmers

  • 2-gang Slave Dimmer

Combination Units (Standard LightwaveRF master + slave dimmer)

  • 1-gang Master + 1-gang Slave Dimmer

Example 2-Way Installation

LightwaveRF SlavesSimplified Multiple 2-way Lighting Installation

The diagram shows a simplified installation with two 2-way circuits and one 1-way circuit.

  • A - 1-gang dimmer (master) is linked to a slave dimmer on dimmer C (2-way circuit)
  • B - 1-gang dimmer (master) is linked to a slave dimmer on dimmer C (2-way circuit)
  • C - 1-gang dimmer + 2-gang slave, the slave dimmers work with dimmers A and B as part of the 2-way circuits, the dimmer (master) controls a 1-way light circuit.

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