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APNT-41 - Using the Aeon Labs Minimote with VERA

This guide shows how to include the Aeon Labs Minimote into a Z-Wave home automation network using a VERA central controller and how it can be used to control various scenes.

The Aeon Labs Minimote is a handheld remote control, it can be used as a standalone Z-Wave controller or most often it is added to an existing Z-Wave network as a second controller. The process to include the device and control scenes is relatively straightforward, however, there are a few things you need to do carefully to ensure it all goes smoothly.

When included into a VERA Z-Wave network, the Minimote acts as a scene controller. This means that it controls scenes rather than individual devices directly. The Minimote has four buttons and can control eight scenes - each button can control two scenes based on a 'short' or 'long' button press.

Add the Minimote to VERA

  • Reset the Minimote by holding its 'Associate' and 'Learn' buttons until the LEDs stop blinking
  • In the VERA UI go to the DEVICES tab
  • Click the Add Devices tab
  • Choose Advanced Z-Wave Devices
  • Press the Minimote's 'Learn' button once
  • Click the blue 'Add one' button (in 'battery operated handheld remotes' section)
  • The Minimote's LEDs will flash while it is being included into the VERA network
  • When the LEDs stop flashing close the dialog window and make sure you click the red 'SAVE' button (VERA top right)
  • Wait for VERA to finish configuration and then go to the DEVICES tab
  • You will now see a '_Minimote' icon in the VERA DEVICES page

Assigning Scenes to Minimote

You can create new scenes that you wish to control from the Minimote or use existing ones. Take a look at - Creating a VERA Scene for information about creating scenes.

When you have your scenes, you can assign them to the Minimote's buttons:

  • Click the Minimote's 'wrench' icon
  • Go to the Minimote Scenes tab
  • In the drop down menus select the scene that you wish to assign to the Minimote button
  • Note: The top four buttons relate to a 'short' press of the Minimote button, the bottom four relate to a 'long' button press
  • Close the Minimote window and click the red 'SAVE' button (VERA top right)


Minimote Scene Tab in VERAMinimote Scenes Tab in VERA

Controlling an On/Off Device

This example shows two ways of controlling a Z-Wave On/Off device such as a relay or On/Off plug socket.

Version 1 (2 scenes)

One way is to create two scenes and assign them to different buttons:

  • Button 1 (short) - Scene ON - turns device On when button 1 has a short press
  • Button 1 (long) - Scene OFF - turns device Off when button 1 is held for a long press

This approach will work perfectly well, but does require two scenes and uses two of the eight Minimote buttons to control one device.

Version 2 (toggle)

This is a much more efficient way to control the device.

  • Create a new scene by going to AUTOMATION and clicking 'New Scene'
  • Give the new scene a name
  • Goto the ADVANCED tab
  • Select the device you wish to control from the 'Pick a device' drop-down menu
  • Click the blue 'ADD' button
  • Then in the drop-down menu alongside the device you have selected choose 'ToggleState'
  • Click the green 'Confirm changes' button and then click the red 'SAVE' button.
  • Wait for VERA to save the changes and then assign this 'toggle' scene to a Minimote button as described above

Using this Toggle Scene, you can turn the device On and Off using just one scene and one Minimote button. Press the button to turn the device On, then press the button again to turn the device Off.

VERA Toggle SceneCreating a Scene to Toggle a Z-Wave Devices State (On/Off)

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