APNT-43 - Complete List of all Device IDs in VERA

This guide shows how to quickly get a list of all devices and node IDs in VERA.

Sometimes you need a quick overview of each device and its Device ID, especially if you're working on a scene and you can't recall the device number.

There is no dedicated feature in VERA that enables you to do this, but there is a quick and simple way to get a list of all the devices.

It involves a very short piece of LUA code - but don't worry, all the information is here.

Full Device ID List

  • In the VERA UI go to the APPS tab
  • Click the Develop Apps tab
  • Then click 'Test LUUP code (LUA)' in the left-hand menu
  • Copy the LUA code (below) and paste it into the Code window
  • Click the blue 'GO' button to make the code run
  • View your device list at - http://"your Vera IP address"/devlist.txt

local file = io.open("/www/devlist.txt", "w")

file:write("[DeviceNo / id] device names on " .. os.date() .. "\n")


for deviceNo,d in pairs(luup.devices) do

if d.id ~= "" then

file:write(string.format('[%03d / %s] %s \n', deviceNo, d.id, d.description))






You will see a list in your browser that looks like this screenshot:


VERA - Complete list of Device IDsComplete list of Device IDs in VERA


This application note is based on information from the MicasaVerde VERA Forum.

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