APNT-59 - VERA Programmable Logic Plugins

The PLEG and PLTS plugins for VERA enable you to more easily create complex scenes than is possible in the standard VERA scene editor. This guide introduces them and shows how to install them in VERA.


One of the most common ways to control your home automation system in VERA is by using scenes. These enable you to make a variety of things happen from a single trigger or event.

For instance you may have a simple scene to turn on a light.

Next you might want this scene to trigger when there's motion in the house (Motion1) or an exterior door is opened (DoorOpen2).

And then you only want the light to turn on if it's dark outside.

For VERA, this is considered 'Advanced' programming, and until recently, the only way to create these types of scene was to use LUA code.

VERA only supports the Logical OR of its input triggers.

  • VERA easily supports: Motion1 OR DoorOpen2
  • But it cannot easily support: (Motion1 or DoorOpen2) AND Dark3
  • or even just (Motion1 AND Dark3)
  • These are considered Advanced Scene programming

Normally you would need to use LUA scripts to create this type of scene - which can become extremely complex and involved.

Programmable Logic Plugins

An easier solution is to use the Program Logic Event Generator (PLEG) and Program Logic Timer Switch (PLTS) plugins.

These plugins enable you to:

  • Use the Browser User interface to find/create the inputs to your logic and give them user friendly names
  • Inputs can be the triggered from any device in Vera - including device variable and schedule timers
  • User friendly input names can be used to create very sophisticated logic expressions called Conditions
  • Each Condition also has a user friendly name
  • Use the Web Browser to have different sets of device commands, called Actions, for each condition.
  • This is very similar to how you add device commands to a scene.

The last point is important.

Without the PLEG, or PLTS plugins, Vera would require one scene to turn on the light, and a second scene to turn off the light. Each with their own triggers and logic. Using the plugins allows you to make scene control much easier to create and maintain

Program Logic Event Generator (PLEG)

PLEG enables you to create complex conditional scenes without having to use LUA coding.

Program Logic Timer Switch (PLTS)

PLTS provides a resettable timed switch that can be used to trigger events and scenes.

For further information take a look at the excellent Introduction Guide to PLEG - VERA Plugin and Introduction Guide to PLTS - VERA Plugin, or take a look at the VERA forum's Program Logic Plugins section.


Installing the PLEG or PLTS plugins is very similar to installing any VERA Plugin.

PLEG and PLTS share a lot of common programming logic, this is contained in a separate plugin called Program Logic Core. You must download this as well as PLEG or PLTS.

  • In the VERA UI go to the 'APPS' tab and 'Install Apps'
  • Search for 'Program' you will see the three plugins
  • Install the one you want and make sure you also install the Program Logic Core
  • The installed apps will no be in the My Apps tab
  • In the DEVICES tab you will see a new device for PLEG and PLTS (depending which you have installed)

PLEG and Program Logic Core Pin VERA's 'My Apps'PLEG and Program Logic Core Pin VERA's 'My Apps'.


PLEG Plugin in the VERA UIPLEG Plugin in the VERA UI.

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