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Smart Home security systems can be extended so that you have more control over how your home is accessed, when and by who. Smart Access Control Systems and Smart Locks give you a much more convenient way of securing your home's doors, gates and garage access. They allow you to remotely control access and monitor who is coming and going from your home.

Our smart wireless door locks offer much more flexibility compared to traditional locks. They can all be operated from a smartphone, and can often also incorporate a PIN code keypad or even RFID tags/cards. Smart locks can also be operated remotely allowing you to give access to parts of your home, even when you're away - you can even allow access using PIN codes that only work between certain hours on particular days of the week. This ideal for cleaners, gardeners or deliveries. Smart locks aren't limited to your house, you can also install them on gates, sheds, workshops and anywhere you want to control and monitor access.

Choosing Smart Access and Lock Systems

We offer a couple options for smart locks - Yale and Z-Wave. These enable you to use the locks with existing alarm and security systems or an extended Z-Wave home automation system.

Yale Smart Living Locks

Yale are renowned for high quality, secure and robust locks - they've been making them for more than a hundred years. Their smart locks offer all the same quality but with 21st Century features such as wireless smartphone control and tag/card access. Yale have smart locks suitable for Nightlatch and Multipoint locks, they DIY friendly and simple to fit.

Note - Yale offer two main types of wireless smart locks. The first only works with the Yale Smart Living Alarm systems, the second works within a Z-Wave home automation system. When choosing your Yale lock, it's important to check this detail. See the full Yale Smart Lock range...


Using smart wireless locks and other access control devices within a Z-Wave home automation system makes a lot of sense. You then have a single wireless system that runs your lighting, heating, locks and other security aspects of your home. There are Z-Wave locks from a variety of vendors including Yale, Vision and Danalock. Z-Wave offers a very extensible platform ideal for all types of home automation and security. It will work with Z-Wave devices as well as other platforms and technologies such as Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, Google, Philips Hue, Nest and many more.

Z-Wave Smart Locks

Z-Wave has a wide range of wireless locks that integrate into the Z-Wave home automation system. These can be controlled and configured wirelessly, most also have PIN keypads as well as being able to work from a smartphone. Z-Wave locks are available for Nightlatch, Mortice and Multi-Point door locks and all are suitable for DIY fitting. There are also Z-Wave Keypads to arm/disarm locks and Z-Wave security systems. Take a look at the full Z-Wave Lock and security range...

Garage Door Control

The Z-Wave Garage Door Controllers allow you to open and close your garage doors wirelessly via the Z-Wave system. This is ideal for when you are coming home - press a button and the doors are open for you to drive straight into the garage. You can even use your smartphone's location services to detect when you are just coming around the corner and have the doors open automatically. Just as importantly, the system can check in the evening if the doors have been left open and then close them automatically - just in case you've forgotten. More information on the Z-Wave range of Garage Door openers...


The controller, sometimes called the hub or gateway, controls your Z-Wave system. It enables you to add and configure devices and to create and run 'scenes' that enable the system to do things automatically, such as turn on lights based on motion or time. The controller also allows remote access via the Internet or smartphone even when you are away from home.

For more information take a look at our How to Choose a Z-Wave Controller Guide, or take a look at the Full Range of Z-Wave Controllers.

Home Automation - Z-Wave Controllers Vesternet

Other Security and Smart Home Guides

These guides show extra information on what can be done with Smart Security and home automation systems.

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