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Smart Wireless alarm systems bring state of the art protection and security to your home as well as being easy to install and use. All sensors, keypads and control panels are wireless, so there is no need to run wires around your home. Most systems can be installed and up and running within a couple of hours. They can be installed as a stand alone smart home alarm system or they can be used together with other home automation systems such as Z-Wave. Smart Alarms can also be extended to protect your home against fire and flood - see other Vesternet Security guides (listed at the bottom of this page).

Choosing Smart Alarms

The main thing to consider when choosing a smart alarm system is whether you want a stand-alone system or one that is formed as part of a wider home automation system. This is worth taking time to think about what you need now and what you may want in the future if you wish to make more and more of your home 'smart'.

Stand-Alone Smart Alarms

These systems are ideal if you only plan to add a security system to your home. They are designed to be extremely easy to install and they are focused on doing one job extremely well - securing your home! All our stand-alone alarms work seamlessly with your Wi-Fi network allowing smartphone operation and remote monitoring. You can arm and disarm them even when away from home, and the Smartphone apps are extremely easy to use by all your family.

Yale Smart Living Alarm Systems

The Yale Smart Home Alarms give you control of your alarm system from your Smartphone. All kits can be extended to include additional accessories including a Power Switch to turn home appliances on and off remotely (i.e. a lamp or radio), a PIR Image Camera to view images of inside your home, and you can even add a Yale Smart Lock to your front door controlling them all from your Yale Smart Home Alarm App. The Yale Alarm system uses an unique 868MHz wireless frequency that provides less interference from other devices and provides superior security. All the Yale Alarm range devices are battery-operated, making them maintenance-free and easy-to-install. More Information and the full Yale Alarm range...

Honeywell Evohome Security

The Honeywell Evohome alarm system is a complete wireless security system for your home. It is easy to install and modular so can be expanded as and when you wish. This allows comprehensive systems to be built using pet-friendly motion sensors, glass break sensors and indoor and outdoor alarms. These systems can then be controlled using the key fobs and wireless remote control key fob or by using the Honeywell smartphone app. It will also work together with your Honeywell Evohome Heating system providing a single system for your home. More Information and the full Honeywell Alarm range...

Home Automation Security Systems

Using a new or existing home automation system as the base of your security alarm system has a number of benefits. The main one is that one system can look after your home's security, lighting and heating - you can control everything automatically and from a Smartphone. This means that if an alarm is triggered the system can also turn lights on, flash outside lights, close blinds etc. You can also share sensors, so for instance the same motion sensor in the lounge will protect your home when you are out (detecting movement), and can also turn lights on automatically when you enter the room. Again, this creates a single integrated system.
The only down-side with using a home automation system for security is that it is a little more complex to install and set-up as you will probably have to create control scenes for it to run. However, we have plenty of guides showing how to do these types of things.


Z-Wave is a wireless home automation technology supported by many vendors. It enables you to easily build a security system that covers your complete home and will also control your lighting, heating, blinds/curtains etc. Z-Wave offers a very extensible platform ideal for all types of home automation and security. It will work with Z-Wave devices as well as other platforms and technologies such as Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, Google, Philips Hue, Nest and many more.

As Z-Wave is a comprehensive smart home automation system, with lots of vendors offering different types of device, the most difficult part, when starting out, is choosing which Z-Wave controller, sensors and other devices are most suitable for your needs. We have tried to make this as easy as possible with our explanation and selection guides.


Z-Wave has a huge range of sensors available for almost any requirement. The sensors are the 'eyes and ears' of your smart security system. Motion sensors will detect movement and if the system is armed, they will trigger alerts or the alarm siren. Door/Window sensors, as the name implies, protect doors, windows, gates etc and send an alert when these are opened. They are also sensors that can monitor temperature, humidity, smoke and whole load of other things - you can extend a Z-Wave system to protect your home from just about any danger.

As there are so many sensors to choose from, take a look at our How to Choose a Z-Wave Sensor Guide, you can also take look at our Full Z-Wave Sensor Range.


The controller, sometimes called the hub or gateway, controls your Z-Wave system. It enables you to add and configure devices and to create and run 'scenes' that enable the system to do things automatically, such as turn on lights based on motion or time. The controller also allows remote access via the Internet or smartphone even when you are away from home.

For more information take a look at our How to Choose a Z-Wave Controller Guide, or take a look at the Full Range of Z-Wave Controllers.

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Z-Wave Security Products

We have a wide range of Z-Wave products specifically designed for security applications. These include Z-Wave sirens, keypads and even locks, and as they're Z-Wave they all interconnect wirelessly.

  • Z-Wave Sirens - once activated sound a loud alarm to alert people and help deter intruders. Our full range of Z-Wave sirens.
  • Z-Wave Keypads - keypads and keyfobs give you simple and easy access to your home and arm/disarm the alarm system. Our full range of Z-Wave Keypads and keyfobs.
  • Z-Wave SirensLocks and Access Control - locks as part of the Z-Wave system give you secure and easy access to your home. Our full range of Z-Wave locks and access control.

Z-Wave Alarm Guides

We've just added two new guides showing how Z-Wave can be used as an alarm system and how it can be used together with an existing traditional alarm system.

Other Security and Smart Home Guides

These guides show extra information on what can be done with Smart Security and home automation systems.

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