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Home Automation Heating - nest

Nest Intelligent Heating Control

The simple boiler & radiator system provides hot water and heating in many homes in the UK and Europe, using a central boiler to heat the water and a pump to circulate this through radiators situated around the house.

The overall temperature is regulated by a single wall thermostat that is typically positioned in the coolest part of the house, most often the hallway. A timer controls when the boiler and pump are activated, so that you can choose when the heating and hot water are On.

This type of heating system is quite simple, but this simplicity also means that it can be quite inefficient.

Nest Learning Thermostat Single Zone Heating & Hot Water Control

The Nest Learning Thermostat allows you to significantly improve control of your single zone heating and hot water system, making it more efficient:

  • Intelligent Scheduling
    Gone are the days when you have to prod at tiny buttons or move pins on a rotating disc to set your heating and hot water schedules! The Nest Learning Thermostat will program itself within the first week based on your temperature preferences, continually adapting to your changing lifestyle.
  • Smart Temperature Control
    No longer will you be heating an empty home - the Nest Learning Thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature once everybody has left the house so that you don't waste energy and more importantly, your hard-earned cash!
  • Advanced
    A multitude of technologies combine to ensure that your heating is operating at optimal efficiency - dual motion sensors ensure that your pets don't affect the control algorithms; multiple environmental sensors ensure an accurate reading of your home's "real-feel" temperature and humidity levels; safety alerts and informational messages come together to help you maximise energy savings, without compromising comfort.
  • Control from anywhere in the world
    Instant control of the heating and hot water at your finger tips from a smartphone, tablet or computer - wherever you are. You can quickly change the times and temperature that your heating is set to, giving you absolute control - even when you're sitting in traffic on the way home.
  • Optimal Positioning
    The Nest Learning Thermostat can be installed anywhere - replacing your existing thermostat if it's already in a good position or moved to an entirely new location! You can have it in an area that you use most often, perhaps the living room or you can use the optional stylish stand to move it around the house depending on where you are.
  • Simple Installation
    Unlike competing systems Nest have even put plenty of thought into the physical installation, everything that you need to complete the install is included in the box, even down to the specially designed screws that can be used for any surface! You don't need anything else. The instruction manuals are incredibly detailed and cover most common heating systems, there are also videos on-line to help if you need them. You can also book a Nest Professional to do the install for you if you're not comfortable doing it yourself.
  • A Nest Home
    When you add other Nest products to your home, such as the Nest Protect or Nest Cam, they automatically work together without needing any complicated setup and you can control all of them, at your fingertips, from the Nest App. 3rd party products with the "Works With Nest" logo can also be used to extend your Smart Home - when products work with Nest, you don't have to tell them how to connect. Or what to do. They just work. In real homes, for real people!

How it Works

The Nest Learning Thermostat package includes the actual wall thermostat and a "heat-link" receiver module. The receiver device enables the thermostat to control your boiler and you can install it in different ways depending on how you wish your heating system to work.

  • Replace your existing Wall Thermostat
    If you only wish to control your heating then it's simplest to install the heat-link receiver in place of your existing wall thermostat. Simply remove your old thermostat and wire in the heat-link (it will require Live and Neutral, so you'll need to ensure these are available).

    The heat-link will then control the heating just like the old thermostat did, by opening and closing it's contacts. You can then position the Nest Learning Thermostat anywhere you like, either on the wall in your most used room or on the optional desk stand - in both cases a simple micro-USB power supply is used to power it.
  • Connected to your Boiler
    To allow Nest to control both your heating and hot water will require the heat-link receiver to be installed at your Boiler, or perhaps at your systems "wiring center". The heat-link receiver is wired to the hot water demand and heating demand connections and takes full control, opening and closing it's contacts to tell the Boiler to turn on the heating or hot water.

    As above, you can then position the Nest Learning Thermostat anywhere you like - you could re-purpose the old wall thermostat wiring and install in that location or you could remove the old wall thermostat and wiring completely and put Nest wherever you need it most, powered by it's micro-USB power supply.
  • Communication
    Communication between the devices uses a wireless protocol known as Thread - technology developed by Nest to ensure reliable and robust transmission. If you choose to re-use your existing wiring to create a wired connection between the Nest Learning Thermostat and heat-link receiver then this also provides a fall-back communication path if needed. A connection to your Wi-Fi network then allows you to use your smartphone, tablet or computer to configure and control your heating and hot-water.

Nest Learning Thermostat in Action

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a fantastic solution that will significantly improve your single-zone heating and hot water system's control and save you money. It is relatively low cost and easy to install - well worth checking out!

Extending Nest with Z-Wave

The Nest Thermostat can be used within a Z-Wave system giving you a single system to run your home.

Using Z-Wave with Nest

You can link your Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect Smoke/CO Alarm with a Z-Wave system - allowing you to create a single integrated system.
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