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Inteligent Wi-Fi Heating Control

The traditional Basic Boiler - Radiator system provides hot water and heating in many homes in the UK and Europe.

The system uses a central boiler to heat the water, a pump then circulates this through radiators situated around the house. The overall temperature is regulated by a single wall thermostat that is typically positioned in the coolest part of the house, most often the hall. A timer controls when the boiler and pump are activated, so that you can choose when the heating system is On.

This type of Basic system is quite simple, but this simplicity also means that it can be quite inefficient.

Netatmo Wi-Fi Single-Zone Heating Control

The Netatmo Wi-Fi Thermostat kit allows you to significantly improve control of your single zone heating system and make it more efficient:

  • Control from your Smartphone
    Instant control of the heating at your finger tips from a smartphone, tablet or computer - wherever you are. You can quickly change the times and temperature that your heating is set to, giving you absolute control - even when you're sitting in traffic on the way home.
  • Wireless Thermostat Control - moves with you
    The Netatmo Thermostat is totally wireless, so you don't have to install it in the same place as your existing thermostat. You can have it in the room that's used the most, such as the lounge or you can move it around the house depending on where you are - much better to have it in the dining room when you're having a dining party. This doesn't sound a big deal, but this simple thing can save you a lot of money. If your current thermostat is in the hall, this will typically be the coldest part of the house, so the heating system spends all its time trying to heat this, mostly unused area, while overheating other areas. Moving the control to where you actually want to monitor the temperature means you are only using heat for what you need.
  • Easy to Install
    The Netatmo Thermostat comes with everything you need to install it (you don't need anything else). There are videos on-line to help with the install and the instruction manuals are also incredibly detailed and even tell you what parts you won't use in each type of installation - no more wondering where the bits left in the box were meant to go!

How it Works

The Netatmo Thermostat includes the actual wall thermostat and a plugin receiver module. The receiver enables the thermostat to communicate with your Wi-Fi network and to control your boiler. You install these in slightly different ways depending on how you wish the thermostat to work in your system.

  • Direct Replacement of your Wall Thermostat
    The Netatmo Thermostat directly replace your wired thermostat. Simple remove the old one, connect the wires to the Netatmo Thermostat and secure on the wall. Plug the receiver module into a wall socket close by and the system is ready to run. The thermostat controls the heating just like the old one, by opening or closing its contacts. It can communicate with your Wi-Fi network via the receiver plug and this gives you full control from your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Connected to your Boiler
    The alternative installation is to have the receiver module wired into your boiler controller. This means that you can have the Netatmo Thermostat located anywhere in the house and you can even move it from room to room as you wish. Installing it this way allows the thermostat to control the boiler wirelessly (via the receiver) and no need for the existing wired thermostat and you get wireless control of the thermostat from your phone/tablet.

Full instructions and videos are available showing both ways to install components.

Simple Low-Cost Control

The Netatmo Thermostat gives you a low cost solution to significantly improve your single-zone heating's control and save you money. It is relatively low cost and easy to install - well worth checking out.

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