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Home Automation Lighting - Innr

Inteligent Lighting with Philips Hue

The Innr system is one of the easiest ways to control your lighting - it's as simple as changing a light bulb!

The Innr Range is a range of wireless LEDs and other lighting products. The lights can be controlled from the Innr App on your phone (via the Innr Bridge) or from a remote control. Importantly, they are also directly compatible with Philips Hue - this means you can interchange Hue bulbs with Innr bulbs! This is a great way to extend your Hue system, especially as Innr devices have great prices.

What Innr Lighting Offers

The Innr lighting range is easy to install and simple to use.

Easy to Use

It really is as simple as changing a light bulb!

First, install the Innr Bulbs and Bridge, then download the Innr App on your phone and let it find all the Innr bulbs and devices you have. Within a couple of minutes everything is set-up and ready to use. You can assign each light to a room or a group of lights to make controlling them more intuitive.

Control at your Fingertips

All the Innr lights can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet - giving you fingertip control of all your lights. You can also use a handheld remote control for more conventional control if you prefer. Note - to control them from your phone/tablet you require the Innr App and the Innr Bridge.

Friends of Hue

The other great feature of Innr is that it uses the same wireless system as Philips Hue. This means that Innr devices can be directly added into an existing Philips Hue system. This combination gives you the chance to use many of the unique Innr lights as well as their low cost LEDs with your Hue system. Using Innr together with Philips Hue also enables it to be controlled using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and SmartThings. When used in the Philips Hue system you do not need the Innr Bridge.

Extendable - works with other systems

Going further, Innr can be integrated into other home automation systems such as Z-Wave. All the Z-Wave controllers from Fibaro, VERA, nCube, and SmartThings have plugins that allow easy integration of Philips Hue - Innr uses the same interface, therefore you can easily add Innr to your Z-Wave system. More information is shown in our Using Z-Wave with Philips Hue guide.

Innr Lighting Products

The core Innr products are the LED bulbs, but the full range also covers smart light fittings which aren't available in any other range - these unique products make Innr a very interesting solution. All Innr products are great value, offering the lowest cost 'Hue' style bulbs. You can take a look at the Full Innr Lighting range.

Innr LED Bulbs

Innr Warm White Dimmable LEDs

These white only LEDs give a nice warm white LED light (2700K) with plenty of brightness (up to 800 lumens). Their brightness can be controlled from the smartphone app or with scenes/schedules. These are the cheapest wireless LEDs on the market. They are available in B22 (Bayonet), E27 (Screw), E14 (Candle) and GU10 fittings.

Innr Tunable White LEDs

The Innr Tunable White LEDs allow you to change the white colour temperature from very warm (2200K) to cool (5000K). This means you can tune the white light you need for particular rooms, or even times of the day. You can start with a warm light in the morning, change it to a cool light if you're reading a book and back to a more neutral colour when watching TV. Available in B22, E27 and GU10 fittings.


These RGBW LEDs allow you to paint your rooms with up to 16 Million colours. Simply replace an existing bulb and you then have full control of brightness and colour all from your phone or tablet. Available in B22 and E27 fittings.

Innr Light Fittings

The Innr light fitting products are what really set this range apart. Not just LED bulbs, but complete light fittings that look good in any situation - all controlled wirelessly. These unique products allow you to have wireless control in areas where conventional bulb replacement isn't possible, or use them when adding new lighting to a room.

Innr Spotlight Track System

Wirelessly dimmable track spotlights with swivel and tilt action, they can be used as main or accent lighting. Nice warm white (2700K) and 25° light beam.

Innr Puck LED Kit

These are a variant of the G4 recessed halogen lights. They are ideal for accent lighting in display cabinets, or as worktop lighting in kitchens. The kit includes five LED puck fittings.

Innr Under Cabinet LED Strips

These bring smart lighting to any cabinet or kitchen. The kit includes four 25cm warm white strips which can be easily mounted on the underneath of cabinets or plinths. You then have wireless control from the Innr system.

Innr 4m Flex Light LED Strip

This flexible 4m long warm white LED strip gives you great decretive lighting anywhere you need it, all controlled by Innr.

Innr 10 x 25cm LED Strips

A variation on the other Innr strip LEDs, these are angled so that they can be easily mounted in cupboard or cabinet corners. The kit includes 10 x 25cm strips together with all interconnection wires and power supply. You can combine them in any combination you like - 10 x 1, 5x 2, 2x 4 etc.

The Innr range of LEDs and LED Lighting products bring simple smart lighting to your home, and as they can also be used with other home automation systems they are highly versatile at a great price.

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Updated: 6/11/2017

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