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Warehouse Spot Check

If you're reading this, then the chances are you've received a product with a "Vesternet Warehouse spot-checked" sticker on it!

So, what exactly does that mean?

Well essentially it means that the product was opened by our warehouse and checked when it arrived from the manufacturer.

We sometimes do this for a number of different reasons:

  1. Sometimes shipments from other countries get opened by Customs during the import process, so we double check that the contents of the box are still all present and correct.
  2. Occasionally products get shipped from the manufacturer without their usual packaging, for example Fibaro products are usually shrink-wrapped but that's not always the case.
  3. Perhaps a customer asked us to check on a specific version of a product, which necessitated us opening the box to see if it was mentioned internally.
  4. Products that are new to the market are sometimes opened so that we can note down what physically comes in the box, which enables us to carry out future spot-checks to ensure that products haven't changed specification.
  5. Occasionally we get customers reporting that a product has significantly changed compared to one that they've previously purchased, so we may then choose to open all the current stock to confirm this before updating the site with the new specifications.
  6. Sometimes the external packaging of an incoming shipment looks damaged, so we make the decision to spot-check all the products contained within to ensure that they themselves haven't been damaged.
  7. Products that are supplied with batteries can sometimes contain short-life batteries, so occasionally we'll open them to make sure that batteries with reasonable battery life are present.

So rest assured that the product is indeed brand new, it's just been opened for one of the reasons above and we identify that with one of these small stickers just to give you peace of mind.

And of course, if you're not entirely happy with the product that you've received you can return it by following our returns process.

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Updated: 29/09/2017

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