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KB-15 - Secure SES301 Temp Sensor not reporting temperature in VERA


I've included the Secure SES301 Temperature Sensor in VERA, but it shows as a Generic I/O device and does not report temperature


Sometimes VERA will not full recognise the SES301 when it has been first added to the systemm - it is shown as a Generic I/O device.

This is because the SES301 was released after the current version of VERA firmware (1.5.622).

However, this is easy to correct.


You need to change the SES301 device type in VERA to a temperature sensor:

  • Click on the SES301's 'Wrench' icon
  • Go to its Advanced tab
  • Scroll down until you see the device_file row
  • Change this row to 'D_TemperatureSensor1.xml' (you can copy/paste)
  • Close the window and click the red 'SAVE' button
  • Allow VERA to save its new settings
  • You may need to wake the SES301 Sensor to enable it to accept its new configuration settings (click the include button)

Also, check that the sensor's Wakeup and Poll settings are correctly set:

  • Wakeup Interval: 1800
  • Poll Interval: 10800


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Updated: 21/2/2014

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