LightwaveRF Dimmer not Paring with Remote Control


The LightwaveRF Dimmer will not pair with a LightwaveRF Remote Control. The dimmer is a 2-gang, 3-gang or 4-gang master dimmer.


It is important that the multi-gang dimmer has 'Master1' connected to the mains and to an active lighting circuit that has a bulb installed - otherwise the dimmer will not receive power and cannot be paired.

In a LightwaveRF multi-gang dimmer, each gang will be labelled 'Master1', 'Master2' etc (check rear of dimmer). Only 'Master1' has a receiver, this avoids interference between the dimmer's gangs. Therefore, for any gang to be paired with a LightwaveRF remote control, or Wi-Fi Link, 'Master1'  must be fully connected and powered.

Note: To be fully powered, 'Master1' must be connected to Live and have a bulb installed into the lighting circuit - if there is no bulb installed, no current can flow through the receiver and therefore it is not powered.

Updated: 11/11/13

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