Accessing the temperature on the Vision Motion Sensor in VERA


How do I access the temperature data on the Vision Motion Sensor in a Vera Lite or Vera 3 Z-Wave Controller?


The temperature reading is only available as an additional "variable" on the main Vision Motion Sensor device, which means that by default it can't be accessed.


Vesternet has pulled together modified device files for the Vision Motion Sensor so that:

  • The temperature data is shown on the device icon in the VERA UI.
  • You can use the temperature data in notifications.
  • Triggers can be set using the temperature data.

Changing the device files is simple:

  • Download the files:

Vesternet Vision Motion Sensor files for VERA

    • In the VERA UI, click on SETUP -> Apps -> Develop Apps.
    • Use the "Luup files" section to select the two files that we have provided - "D_VisionMotionSensor1.xml" and "D_VisionMotionSensor1.json". Check the "Restart Luup after upload" box and click "Go".
    • Once VERA has restarted, open the Vision Motion Sensor settings and find the "device_file" field on the "Advanced" tab.
    • Change the "device_file" to "D_VisionMotionSensor1.xml" and save the changes.
    • After VERA has restarted, use "Ctrl-F5 or Cmd+R" to force a hard refresh of the VERA UI in your web browser.
    • Your Vision Motion Sensor should now look like the image below!

Vision Motion Sensor


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