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KB-50 - Is there anything I can do to sort out miss-behaving devices in VERA?


Sometimes the Z-Wave devices on my Vera Lite or Vera 3 Z-Wave Controller start miss-behaving or showing intermittent faults - is there anything I can do to sort them out?


Unfortunately this can happen occassionally and is often not due to any particular fault, error or miss-configuration.

In these cases, simply re-configuring the device regularly can prevent the issues from occurring.

In Vera this is trivial to do by clicking on the "Configure node right now" button on the device "Settings" tab.

Vera Reconfigure Device


Carrying out this task manually can be a chore, fortunately it is possible to create a "Scene" with a "Schedule" to do this automatically for you.

To do this, find out the "Device #" of the device you wish to be re-configured:

Vera Reconfigure Device

Add the following LUA code to the LUUP tab in the Scene and substitute "205" appropriately:


It should look like this:

Vera Reconfigure Device

The Scene will now run automatically based on the Schedule that you have entered and the device will be re-configured.

Note: for battery powered devices, Vera will attempt to re-configure the device according to the Schedule, but this will fail as battery powered devices spend 99% of their time sleeping. Vera will then internally automatically re-schedule the re-configure operation for the next time that the device wakes up.

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Updated: 29/05/2014

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