Why doesn't my Z-Wave.me MTEMP, MBINAR or MTHERM device work in Fibaro HC?


Why doesn't my Z-Wave.me MTEMP Temperature Sensor, Z-Wave.me MBINAR Binary Sensor or Z-Wave.me MTHERM Thermostat Sensor work correctly in a Fibaro Home Center Lite or Fibaro Home Center 2 Z-Wave Controller?


These devices can be very tricky to install correctly in the Fibaro Z-Wave Controllers.

They can look like they have installed fully, but in reality they are only "half installed" and won't work correctly - typically they will never update in the Fibaro UI.

Z-Wave.me MTEMP Temperature Sensor and Fibaro Z-Wave.me MBINAR Binary Sensor and Fibaro Z-Wave.me MTHERM Thermostat Sensor and Fibaro


Fortunately it is quite easy to determine if the devices are installed correctly or not.

If not, they won't have any "Associations" information showing up on the "Advanced" tab of the device settings:

Z-Wave.me MTEMP Temperature Sensor and Fibaro

To get them to install correctly can involve a bit of "trial-and-error" and persistence. Simply keep waking them up by clicking on the "Tamper Switch" - alternate between a single click and a triple click. This may need to be completed several times!

Eventually you should see the Fibaro messages panel at the top of the UI showing messages similar to the following:

Z-Wave.me MTEMP Temperature Sensor and Fibaro

Z-Wave.me MTEMP Temperature Sensor and Fibaro

Finally, the "Associations" should show up correctly:

Z-Wave.me MTEMP Temperature Sensor and Fibaro

At this point, the Z-Wave.me device should be working correctly!

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Updated: 30/05/2014

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