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What does the Certified badge mean?


The 'Certified' badge is awarded to products that we've tested to be compatible with the main controllers and are reliable in use. These are the devices we're fully confident in, we're happy to recommend them as the best in class, and we will fully support you when using them.

We have three levels of product classification - Compatible, Certified and Unclassified:


All of the most popular devices have been rigorously tested by Vesternet and our customers. This enables us to show how the device performs with each of the controllers, and any quirks the combination may have - giving you confidence that the device will perform how you expect.

Selecting products that have a 'Green' or 'Yellow' dot in the compatibility guide means that they are backed by Vesternet's renowned Life-Time Technical Support.

Our range of devices is constantly expanding and we can only support those devices that our Technical Support staff have direct knowledge of - these are the devices they have tested, and probably written Application Guides or Knowledge Base Articles about.

Full information on all tested devices is available in our Vesternet Compatibility Guides .

Note: The compatibility guide also shows devices that do not work with a particular controller - this is just as important as it helps you avoid devices that we know will not work in your system.


We only award our Vesternet 'Certified' rating to devices that meet stringent standards, you can quickly see these devices when browsing the category pages and are devices that we highly recommend.

To be 'Certified', a device must:

  • Meet compatibility tests and be listed in the Z-Wave or LightwaveRF compatibility guides
  • Be known to work well in Vesternet's and customers systems
  • Comply with CE and all safety standards
  • Low failure rate - DOA and long-term customer failures of less than 1%

Note: New devices will not be shown as 'Certified' until we have been selling them for 2-3 months - this enables us to determine how reliable they are to ensure they meet the very low failure rate expected of 'Certified' devices.

Selecting Vesternet Certified products means you can buy with confidence, knowing they've been proven to work well and are backed by Vesternet's renowned Life-Time Technical Support.


If a device doesn't have a 'Certified' badge and isn't included in our compatibility guides, then it is a device that has either not been tested, or is not popular enough to warrant being tested.

These devices are still covered by our standard warranty but are not covered by our Life-Time Technical Support.

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