Reset procedure for the Fibaro Universal Door & Window Sensor


The Fibaro Universal Door & Window Sensor is behaving strangely or can't be included / excluded from the Z-Wave network.


This particular device can be quite tricky to install and configure. Re-setting it beforehand can help.


Re-set the device using the following steps:

  • Take off the sensor's cover and remove battery.
  • Position the magnet next to the reed switch (align the markings on the sensor body).
  • Push down hard on the tamper switch, so that BOTH the rear and the front tamper switches are closed.
  • Insert the battery, make sure the tamper switches are still held in. The LED should not do anything at this stage.
  • Move the magnet well away from the sensor body.
  • Remove the battery.
  • Insert the battery.
  • Reset will be confirmed by double LED blink. The LED will stay off.

The above steps are a clearer version of those listed in the device manual

Once the above process has been completed, it should be easier to include or exclude the device!

APNT-38 - Adding the Fibaro Door/Window Sensor shows how the device should be added to the Z-Wave network

Updated: 27/01/2014

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