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Using Z-Wave with an existing alarm system

Using Z-Wave with an existing Alarm System

A Z-Wave home automation system brings a lot of benefits to your home - intelligently controlling lights, heating and blinds. By integrating it with your existing security or alarm system you're able to bring the two worlds together and have them operate together. This allows things like lights to be activated by the alarm system, and use Z-Wave sensors or other devices as inputs or outputs for the alarm system.

Using Z-Wave with an Existing Security System

By enabling your alarm to interact with the Z-Wave home automation system you can create a single smart system looking after your home's automation and security.

Benefits of Z-Wave with an Existing Alarm

There are a number of ways in which you can use an existing alarm system (or panel) with Z-Wave. It depends on how you wish for the two systems to work together. For instance you can have the alarm panel driving actions in the Z-Wave system, you can have Z-Wave triggering things in the alarm system - or a combination of the two.

    Alarm System using Z-Wave as Inputs

    The Z-Wave system and devices can be used as inputs to your alarm panel, this makes the system as a whole much more flexible.

    • Share Sensors - you can use the Z-Wave sensors around the house to trigger the alarm as well as to automatically turn lights on/off.
    • Wireless - Z-Wave is a wireless system so new sensors can easily be added without needing new wiring.
    • Scene Activation - when a scene is triggered in the Z-Wave system, this can also trigger the alarm panel at the same time.
    • Arm/Disarm - the Z-Wave system can be used to arm or disarm the alarm. For instance you can use Geo-location to disarm the alarm as you approach
      the house rather than having to use a PIN code - this is readily available in Z-Wave systems but not in traditional alarms.

    Alarm System Outputs into the Z-Wave System

    You can also use the alarm system's outputs to trigger events in the Z-Wave system. This enables you to make other areas such as lighting do things if an alarm is detected, or use parts of the Z-Wave system to enhance your traditional alarm such as sending messages to you.

    • Smart Alarm - the Z-Wave system will have lots of features that your traditional alarm won't have. By using the alarm to trigger events in the Z-Wave
      system you can make your 'dumb' alarm act like a modern smart alarm system.
    • Intelligent Messaging - the Z-Wave system can send you text, email and push-notifications, so that you always know what's going on at home.
    • Home Automation - when an alarm is triggered, the Z-Wave system can take actions on your lights, blinds and even your door locks. For instance you
      could have your lights change colour and flash when a break-in is attempted.

    For further information on using a traditional alarm panel with Z-Wave take a look at our Adding Z-Wave to devices that don't have Z-Wave guide.

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