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Indigo 7

by Indigo
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Indigo home automation software

Indigo is an intelligent home automation software server to be used with an Apple Mac computer.

Indigo enables your Mac to control an assortment of hardware devices, including Z-Wave, INSTEON and X10 devices, allowing you to control and automate your home in one easy to use environment. Using Indigo, you can control your home from anywhere in the world via your computer or smartphone.

Manage events, actions, and control interfaces

Indigo makes creating and managing your home automation simple. Add devices, create triggers and schedules, add actions, and create custom user interfaces with best-in-class tools with the typical Mac ease of use. Get help when and where you need it with contextual menus that link you to the online documentation.

Configuring Schedules in Indigo

You're in control from anywhere

Once you've created your automation system, much of it will just automatically work - that's the main point of an automation system. But with Indigo you can also control your home system from anywhere in the world from other Macs, PCs, tablets and smartphones. Indigo Touch, the native app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, allows seamless remote control of your home from virtually anywhere as does the built-in web server.

iPhone / iOS App Screens

Indigo - Intelligent Home Automation

Indigo provides you with the tools to create, manage, automate, and control your home.

  • Control lights, fans, thermostats, locks, sprinklers appliances, etc., from a variety of handheld remote controls
  • Easily add motion detectors to automatically control lights and other devices
  • Automatically send emails based on events or triggers - like leaving your garage door open
  • Automatically turn on lighting at sunset and off at sunrise or some other preset time or duration
  • Create complex conditions using an easy and intuitive rule builder
  • Create different lighting scenes for perfect multi-room lighting at the touch of a button
  • Control your whole-house audio via iTunes or your home theatre system
  • Save money and energy by automating your thermostat usage - change set points based on occupation
  • Incredible flexibility for thousands of other uses - use your imagination!

New Features

Indigo 7 is All-Pro - and there is no longer a Lite version offered. There are a significant Z-Wave enhancements and improvements made on Indigo 7, for instance Gen5 support, Network-Wide Inclusion (NWI), Z-Wave lock support, New device types (Virtual Sprinkler, Airfoil devices, Locks), Support for colour LED devices including native controls for setting colour and more, Several new and updated 3rd Party Plugins designed specifically for Indigo 7 and more.


After downloading the Indigo Software and installing it on your Mac, you will need to also use a USB transceiver to enable Indigo to communicate with your home automation network.
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